Allowing Yourself to Receive

The vibe of financial abundance is very similar to that of open relationships. It invites and welcomes from a place of flow, and without attachment to outcomes.

We’re surrounded by opportunities to invite and receive love, money, and more. But when we’re stuck in scarcity thinking, we squeeze this field of possibilities down to a narrow part of the spectrum. And sometimes our intentions are simply too big to be compressed without losing their essence, so we effectively block them.

We intend to increase the flow of love, and then demand that it must come from our primary relationship partner only. We desire more money and require that it must come from our one and only job — or that we must receive a singular job if we don’t have one already.

This attachment to such thin bands of reception pollutes our intentions with fear. Yes, we actually fear receiving through other parts of the spectrum, parts that lie outside our comfort zones.

What if getting paid what I’m worth means that I have to quit my current job? What if there are other beautiful relationships to enjoy than just this one?

We resist the consequences of such changes, and so we resist the changes themselves, thereby receiving the perpetuation of stuckness.

The universe cannot deliver the full package of your desires if your mailbox is too small.

When we open up and allow ourselves to receive through all parts of the spectrum (or at least a bit more of it), we reduce the blocks attached to our intentions, and the flow quickly increases.

Is it really so terrible to welcome multiple income streams… or multiple lovers? Can we not simply relax and allow our desires to show up, without presenting a list of fear-based demands that constricts the flow?

Can you allow yourself to receive through all parts of the spectrum of potential, including the bands that expose your limiting beliefs and make you feel vulnerable and afraid? If you can do that, you will soon forget what it’s like to experience scarcity.