Intentional Tracers: Time and Space

Playing with intentional tracers is a lot of fun. In Edmonton last week, Rachelle and I decided to manifest ketchup and a dollar, meaning that we wanted a free dollar, and it would need to have some connection with ketchup.

A few days later, we found $1.25 on the floor under one of the seats as we were leaving a play. But there was clearly no sign of any connection to ketchup, no matter how much we tried to stretch our imaginations.

This puzzled me since the last time I tried this, the dollar and the ketchup showed up at the same time.

A few more days passed, and we ended up seeing another play in that same venue. There were more than 50 venues at this festival.

During this show one of the performers mentioned ketchup. That caught our attention right away, and we remembered that we found the money in this same venue a few days earlier.

But wait… it gets better!

The performer not only mentioned ketchup — several times in fact — she actually pulled out a couple packets of ketchup from McDonald’s. Then she opened one packet, held it above her head, squeezed the contents into her mouth, and ate it. She made a big show of calling out the presence of ketchup in her play. Who eats a packet of ketchup during a play???

As I watched this, I was laughing at the LoA’s sense of humor.

Rachelle and I weren’t even going to see this play originally. We checked in the morning for tickets, but they were already sold out at the main box office. On impulse we decided to see if we could get tickets at the door, and fortunately they had reserved some extras. Those tickets were discounted too.

In the past when I played around with intentional tracers, I’d assumed that the tracer and the manifested item would be linked in time, but in this case they were linked in space — same location, but different times.

I wrote an article about intentional tracers in 2010, so if you’d like more detail on this topic, you’ll probably enjoy reading it.