Stay the Course

When you begin any sort of vibe shifting work, such as shifting from a scarcity vibe to an abundance vibe, expect to feel out of sync with your current physical reality for a few weeks. This is challenging to be sure, but it’s a normal part of the experience.

As you shift your inner self, you begin exerting new forces on your outer reality. It takes time for the various elements of your reality (your relationships, finances, daily routine, etc) to reveal the cumulative effect of these forces and to shift themselves around to achieve equilibrium with your new vibe.

Old opportunities will dry up. New opportunities will begin to appear.

Invitations that once attracted you will seem boring, while others will become interesting to you.

People will change how they relate to you. Some will become more distant while others will zoom closer.

Things you used to tolerate will no longer be tolerable for you. Things you used to merely dream about will begin to seem possible for you.

This is also a test of sorts — to see if you’re really committed to holding the new vibe. If you allow the old reality to get the better of you, and you swing back to the old vibe due to feelings of guilt, regret, fear, attachment, and so on, you’ll simply reinforce the old reality and cancel the shift.

This can be a very chaotic time to endure, but stay the course and it will pass.

It can also be a lonely time because you’ll most likely be going through this shift by yourself. This doesn’t mean you’ll be saying goodbye to all your previous relationships, but you may be relating to those same people a little differently on the other side of this shift. How this plays out depends on the nature of the shift. For instance, if you’re shifting to a more abundant vibe, you’re likely to repel people who are deeply mired in a scarcity vibe, but some people in your life may find your shift exciting and may be supportive in watching you go through it.

Also, during the shift you may want to stay focused on the new vibe until you’ve had a chance to reach the other side in physical reality and re-ground yourself there. Sometimes, but not always, it’s just a little simpler to go through these kinds of shifts without being too heavily influenced by other people.

Watching your reality rearrange itself right in front of you can be a bit disorienting at first. I liken the experience to moving to a new city. When you first arrive, it takes a while to familiarize yourself to the next territory. For me it usually takes about 3 weeks before I feel like I’m used to it.

You also have to loosen your attachment to the old city and say goodbye to it in a way. Otherwise you’ll want to cancel the move.

It can be hard to predict which aspects of the old city will still be present in the new one and which you’ll essentially be leaving behind. There will be some experiences you can recreate there and others that you need to let go. You’ll also discover new experiences that simply weren’t available in your old city.

Once you’ve moved, you can still go back and visit the old city, but it won’t feel the same once you’re firmly established in your new residence. You’ll be looking at your old reality from a new perspective.

It’s extremely tempting to cancel the move along the way, especially during those first two weeks. It takes a big inner commitment to shift your vibe and let your physical reality catch up, just as it takes a big commitment to move to a new city. Some vibrational shifts are so big that they’re akin to moving to a new country with a different language. Expect it to take longer to adapt to these bigger shifts as well, perhaps months or even years instead of weeks.

If you’re truly committed to the shift, then stay the course. Your outer reality will catch up eventually. Just be prepared for a bit of chaotic restructuring along the way. Do your best to relax and breathe through it. Keep going back to your new vibe and reinforcing it, even when it seems like your outer world is screaming at you.