Road Tripping

This is a quick update to let you know that I won’t be doing much, if any, blogging for the next few weeks since Rachelle and I are currently on a road trip through the Pacific Northwest.

This morning we’re going to enjoy a vegan brunch at Fellini’s in Berkeley, California. Then we’re driving north from the San Francisco Bay Area about 350 miles to Ashland, Oregon to stay with a friend, passing Mt. Shasta on the way. On Sunday we’ll arrive in Portland. I’ve never been to Oregon before, so I’m looking forward to this part of the trip.

I’ve received dozens of offers from people who want to meet up along the way, but it isn’t practical for us to coordinate meet-ups (either individually or in small groups) as we travel, especially when we’re only in each city for 1-3 days. So we don’t intend to do any special meet-ups along the way.

So far I’m enjoying the trip very much, although our stops in Reno, Sacramento, and San Francisco are all cities I’ve been to before. Starting today we’re traveling to places that Rachelle and I have never been to, including Oregon, Washington, and Western Canada.

There’s a lot of driving, but after the faster pacing of “doing” a city, I find the long drives relaxing — great for being pensive and thinking through some new ideas.

Explore the Archives

During my blogging hiatus, feel free to browse through the extensive Archives. There you’ll find roughly 1000 articles on many aspects of personal development, most of them timeless in nature.

Better yet, get off the computer, and go apply some of the ideas you’ve read about on this site. Don’t tell me what realizations you’ve had, and stop asking questions as a delay tactic. Prove through action that you’ve grown and changed.

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