Registration Opens for 3 More 2010 Workshops

I’m happy to announce that we’ve finalized the bookings for the remaining 2010 Conscious Growth Workshops. Registration is now officially open for all 3 of them.

These workshops will be held at the Flamingo Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip on the following dates:

  • May 14-16, 2010 (Fri-Sun)
  • Jul 16-18, 2010 (Fri-Sun)
  • Oct 29-31, 2010 (Fri-Sun)

Feedback was so positive on the first two CGWs that it made sense to commit to doing many more of them. On a scale of 1-10, the average rating from CGW graduates was about a 9.

Social Abundance

One of the primary strengths of CGW is the social element. I’m still impressed by how much CGW alumni are keeping in touch with each other, both online and in person. Week after week I’m seeing CGWers encouraging each other, supporting each other, or hanging out just to have fun together.

I know of two CGW alumni who are going out to dinner tonight for raw/vegan food, even though they haven’t seen each other in a while. I get the sense that it doesn’t matter how much time passes. As part of going through the CGW experience together, people seem to develop lasting bonds very easily.

I even know of some new relationships that have formed because of CGW. I’m in that same boat myself at present.


All of the 2010 CGWs will be in the same Flamingo Hotel meeting room at the Jan 2010 CGW. That was a really nice ballroom, and unlike the room we had for CGW #1 in October, this room was big enough to do classroom-style seating with tables and chairs for everyone. (At CGW #1 we had to use theater-style — chairs only with no tables.) The room at the Flamingo also had a nice gathering space outside with lots of room for attendees to hang out and socialize before and after each day’s sessions.

I’m sticking with Las Vegas for now since I think it’s an ideal location for these workshops. We do various social fieldwork exercises in this environment, and it’s a fun place to enjoy after hours for those who are interested. At previous CGWs many attendees got together in groups to go out to dinner, see shows, go dancing, and do other fun things in the city.

If you attend the October workshop, that could be especially fun since the final day is Halloween, and many people dress up in costume and parade around the Strip that night.

To help you make travel plans (air travel, hotel, transportation to the event), check out the extensive Workshop FAQ. It includes links to various resources to help you plan your stay.


Despite urgings from some of my friends that I should raise the price to $1000-2000, I’m stubbornly keeping the price the same: $497 USD if you register at least 30 days in advance, $597 if you register less than 30 days before a workshop. This is to make sure we have a reasonable idea of the expected attendance within 30 days before the event for planning and execution purposes.

This pricing is definitely on the low side for 3-day personal growth workshop. Many of my friends in this field would charge at least double that (and they’ve told me so). The main reason I’m able to keep the price so low is that my marketing costs are virtually nonexistent. We were able to fill up the past two CGWs just by promoting them on my blog, newsletter, Erin’s blog, Erin’s newsletter, Twitter, and Facebook — none of which cost us anything. Typically for a workshop of this type, marketing is the single biggest expense. So this is a nice way I can leverage my online resources to keep the costs low. Otherwise if I had some serious marketing expenses to lay out, I probably would charge at least $1000 for this workshop.

I also think that if we keep the price low relative to the value being provided, it will generate more word of mouth from attendees, which means even more free marketing. This is the same basic strategy I used to build my blog traffic — deliver high value at an unbeatable price.

CGW Photos

You can see some pics of previous CGWs on the Workshop Photos page. Take a peek!

Sign Up!

If you want to attend a CGW this year, go ahead and register. It only takes a minute, and then you know you’ll be there. Please don’t wait till the last minute since there’s always a chance that your preferred date will sell out.

I look forward to seeing you there for an awesome life-changing experience!