Why Some People Are Better Manifesters Than Others

Last month when I was in Bermuda, I talked for a few hours with a talented musician. Since I was curious, I asked him, “Why is it that some people can sing so well, while other people sing very poorly? Is it just a difference in natural inborn talent?”

He said that he felt just about everyone could train to be a decent singer, but the main challenge was that people don’t hear themselves the way other people hear them, so their pitch is off. They hear one pitch in their heads, but what they’re actually singing (and what other people hear) doesn’t align with what they think they’re singing.

It immediately struck me that this is a great analogy for why some people struggle so much when trying to apply the Law of Attraction. The vibration they believe they’re putting out doesn’t match what they’re actually putting out. What they perceive in their heads isn’t what other people perceive coming from them.

For example, I occasionally meet people who are struggling financially, and they tell me about their efforts to apply the LoA. They tell me about how they shifted their vibration (thoughts, feelings, actions) to align with financial abundance, but they’re still manifesting scarcity. Some of them are on the verge of concluding that the LoA doesn’t really work.

However, from my perspective, it only takes a few minutes of conversation to see that such people are still broadcasting scarcity through every pore. How can they not see it? How can they kid themselves into thinking they have a mindset of abundance when it’s so obvious to me they’re still stuck in a scarcity mentality? Their mannerisms and choice of words always betray their true vibration.

It’s the same with singing, isn’t it? The way you sound to others and the way you sound to yourself may not match. So which one is the true vibration you’re putting out? When it comes to singing, the truth is represented by the sound waves emanating from your mouth. It doesn’t matter what you’re hearing in your head.

Many people don’t realize that this is how the LoA works as well. Your true vibration isn’t what you’re thinking or feeling in your head. Your true vibration is what you’re broadcasting out to the universe.

Discovering and Correcting Vibrational Discordance

Your thoughts and feelings are not equal to your vibration. They’re merely effects of your vibration, but they get filtered through your beliefs. If your beliefs aren’t aligned with truth, then your inner perception of your vibration will be a distortion of your true vibration, so you won’t perceive yourself accurately. You may think you’re resonating with a certain energetic frequency like abundance, vitality, or love, when the truth is quite different.

How can you become aware of your true vibration if you can’t blindly trust what you’re thinking and feeling?

The solution is that you need to create a feedback loop, whereby you can observe yourself objectively to get a better sense of what you’re actually putting out. This will help you make adjustments to correct inaccuracies in your internal self-image.

I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s important for singers to record themselves singing and to listen to the playback. This helps them hear what’s really coming out of their mouths. If they’re singing off-key, they will hear it in the recording, and then they can make adjustments. A talented deaf singer is an anomaly because something other than direct audio feedback must be used for training.

You can use a similar method to discover and correct your own vibrational misalignments. Record yourself, either with audio or video. Video is best because it gives you more information.

Record yourself talking about your finances. Record a conversation with your significant other. Record yourself interacting socially with friends and family. Record yourself giving a speech. Record yourself working at your desk. Then watch the playback. I guarantee that if you’ve never done this before, you will be surprised. It’s a very eye-opening experience.

If you record video, watch the playback once with video and no sound. Then listen to the audio only without looking at the video. You will pick up different insights. With no sound you can observe your body language. With no video you can pay more attention to your voice tone. This will help you see if you’re being congruent on all channels or if you’re sending mixed messages. For example, are you speaking confidently while your body language broadcasts insecurity? That would indicate that your true vibration is mixed as well, and that will surely affect your results.

Another thing you can do is invite someone else to observe you. This may take some courage, but it’s a great way to discover new truths. It’s especially helpful to get feedback from people who are already emanating the type of vibration you would like to integrate.

Ask someone who’s already enjoying financial abundance to listen to you talk about your finances for a few minutes. Ask someone who has a loving relationship to watch you interact socially with others. Ask someone who’s very healthy and fit to watch you eat and prepare a meal, do your exercise routine, and listen to you talk about your health habits. Then ask those people to give you brutally honest feedback.

We all have blind spots, myself included. In order to become aware of those blind spots, we need to take a step back and observe what’s really coming out of us. What are the real frequencies we’re broadcasting, and how do they compare with what we think we’re broadcasting?

Making Adjustments

Once you have a chance to observe yourself, make some changes based on your new distinctions. Make the gross adjustments first, and then work on the finer adjustments.

In many cases objective self-observation is the key limiting step. The challenge is to become aware of your shortcomings and to see yourself accurately. Once you’ve done that, correcting those actions can usually be achieved via basic trial and error. Make changes, record yourself again, and notice how it looks. Keep cycling through this feedback loop until you can observe that you have it right. Depending on the nature of your challenge, it may take some time to get where you want to go, but at least it’s doable.

When I did a lot of computer programming, there was a built-in feedback loop. I always had the opportunity to observe the output from the computer code I’d written, so I could identify bugs and make adjustments many times per day. But in some areas of life, such as in our human relationships, the natural feedback loop plays out much more slowly. However, you can still gain a lot of information by paying attention to your immediate results and your objectively observable momentum. If you claim to be resonating with financial abundance, but your present reality is that you’re sinking into debt and unpaid bills are piling up, something isn’t right. When you see that your results are out of alignment with your intentions, those are the best places to start investigating.

Do your best not to blame the Law of Attraction for your personal failings. That cannot possibly help. If you aren’t getting the results you intend, you need look no further than your lack of vibrational alignment. A lack of results means that you haven’t hit the right frequency to manifest your intentions yet. You’re still singing off-key. You may think you’re hitting the right notes, but if you haven’t observed your own output via objective means like recording devices and consultations with others who are already experts at those frequencies, how can you really know what frequencies you’re actually broadcasting? You can’t know!

If you want to get better at applying the LoA, you can’t simply go scouring through your thoughts and feelings, hoping to get everything perfect on the inside. You can’t create a good feedback loop entirely in your mind. It’s too easy to get lost in a tangled web of belief filters. You need to pull back, don your observer cap, and see yourself from the outside looking in. Get out of your head and your ego, and diagnose the problem holistically. Only then will you be able to apply a holistic solution that actually works.