Conscious Growth Workshop in Las Vegas

I’m happy (thrilled would be more accurate) to announce that you can now register for my upcoming 3-day Conscious Growth Workshop in Las Vegas. The dates are October 2-4, 2009 (Friday-Sunday). The workshop will be at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, about 5 miles from McCarran Airport.

I’m not going to give you a hard-sell pitch to try to convince you that you should attend. The workshop page is designed to explain what you can expect to learn and experience at this workshop, so you can decide whether it will be a good fit for you on your path of conscious growth. I’d rather speak to a smaller group of people who really want to be there than a larger, less committed group of people who have to be sold on the idea.

Internet marketers will probably shake their heads in disgust at the way I’m promoting this workshop since I’m breaking most of their “rules” for how to launch and promote a live event. I’m doing that intentionally though. I thought long and hard about which people I can really help and which people I don’t feel I can help as much. I decided to create a workshop to benefit the people I believe I can help most, so this isn’t a mass-market seminar that will appeal to everyone. It would not be a good fit for the average person. Consequently, I designed the main workshop page to filter out the people I don’t think will gain as much from working with me in person. I wrote that page with a sense of what the ideal attendee would be like. Once you read that page, I think it should be fairly easy for you to decide if you’re meant to be there.

I considered a number of different names for this workshop. In the end I decided to go with “Conscious Growth Workshop” because it’s a straightforward description of what the workshop is about. The whole point of this workshop is to help you overcome blocks and step up your conscious growth.

Workshop Details

All the workshop details can be found on the Conscious Growth Workshop page, including the specific topics we’ll be covering each day.

This will be a very holistic workshop, blending high-level ideas with practical application. We’re going to cover career development, money, health, mental development, habits, productivity, emotions, relationships, spirituality, and more. I’ll be sharing the best insights I have on each of these topics. My goal is not to send you home with pages and pages of notes that you’ll hopefully implement later. This workshop is geared to create many a-ha moments that shift your thinking right there in the workshop.

This will be a very interactive workshop with a good mix of left- and right-brained learning. Rest assured you won’t be sitting through 3 days of solid lecture. It won’t be filled with rah-rah fluff either.

Workshop FAQ

If you have questions about the workshop, please consult the Workshop FAQ first. It packs in a lot of info.

I did my best to anticipate any questions you may have about the workshop, travel arrangements, hotels, and staying in Las Vegas. If you have a question that isn’t answered there or on the main workshop page, please submit it via my contact form. I’ll probably expand the FAQ over time as new questions come in.

Events Page

I also added a new events page to this site. The Conscious Growth Workshop is the only event listed so far. I expect this will be the first of many future live events, so I’ll use the events page to keep you up to date on what’s coming up. So far this workshop is the only public event on my agenda. There are no solid plans to repeat this workshop or do it in other cities as of yet.

I’m very excited about this workshop. Ever since I made the decision to go forward with it about a month ago, everything has been falling into place beautifully.

Several people have already registered for the workshop since the registration pages went live last night. I expect we’ll have a really awesome group of people in the room. 🙂

Take a look at the Conscious Growth Workshop page, and see if you think it’s a good fit for you. If you decide to attend, I suggest you register early because there’s a possibility it could sell out.