Podcast #023 – Life, the Universe, and Everything

This podcast really is about life, the universe, and everything… and this time, the answer isn’t 42. 😉

Here are some of the topics covered:

  • What death can teach us about life
  • Permanence vs. impermanence
  • What you retain after you die
  • The primary focus of your life
  • Why you’re here in the physical universe
  • Dream realities, astral projection, and physicality
  • The development of your consciousness
  • Principles of conscious growth – Truth, Love, and Power
  • The role of problems in your life and why you attract them
  • Adopting an empowering perspective for your physical life

I recorded this podcast partly as an experiment. It’s the first podcast I’ve recorded completely off the cuff — no pre-planned topic and no handwritten notes. When I sat down and pressed record, I had no idea what I was going to say. Consequently, my pace is much slower than in previous podcasts because my mind wasn’t racing with ideas. I imagine some of my listeners whose primary language is not English may find this slower pace easier to understand.

I must have been in a rather philosophical mood since this became a high-level exploration of what it means to live as a conscious human being. I’m very pleased with how it came out.

This material builds on concepts from the book Personal Development for Smart People, so if you’ve already read it, this podcast will give you another perspective on applying Truth, Love, and Power to your life. For example, did you know that all the problems you attract into your life arise from your lack of alignment with Truth, Love, and/or Power? In the podcast I explain how and why this happens and how it actually benefits you.

If you haven’t read the book yet (what are you waiting for?), then this will introduce you to the first three principles of conscious growth. You’ll begin to see how these forces are directing your life in ways you didn’t realize.

The point of this podcast is to help you gain clarity. When you view your life through the lens of Truth, Love, and Power, everything makes a lot more sense. You’ll understand why some parts of your life are working well and why other parts are a struggle.

I recorded this podcast with a different equipment setup than I normally use, so this was a technical experiment as well. Most of my podcasts are recorded with a condenser mic routed through a mixer and then to my PC. This works well, but it results in a small amount of background noise due to the PC fan (barely noticeable for most people). For podcasts #21 and #22, I used my Edirol R-09 portable recorder with its built-in mic because Erin and I were recording together. This time I turned off the PC, and I used my condenser mic, running the signal through the mixer and straight into the R-09, which is a totally quiet setup. The R-09 records at better than CD quality. There was still some minor background noise while the laundry machine was running nearby. Overall I’m very happy with the quality of this recording setup.

Enjoy the podcast.

Life, the Universe, and Everything

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