50+ More Book Reviews

Here are 50+ more book reviews for Personal Development for Smart People. It’s been wonderful to see all the different insights people picked up from the book.

I’ve been seeing the book in local bookstores. The local Barnes & Noble stores have at least a half dozen copies on their shelves. Borders doesn’t stock as many, but at least I’m seeing it on the shelves now instead of just in their computers.

It’s a really cool feeling to walk into a bookstore knowing that something I wrote is on the shelves there. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to walk into a bookstore and NOT look for my book on the shelves. 🙂

I love that being an author means that I’ve created at least a small legacy that has the potential to continue providing value long after I’m gone. I wrote the book with this in mind, believing that the universal principles within it can still provide value to future generations and not just our own.

One of my key goals was to write a book that would always be available, at least while I’m alive. If Hay House ever stops publishing it, I can continue to offer it on my website in some form, so people will always be able to access it. I want the book to live at least as long as I do. Even with today’s technology, that should be an achievable goal.

Reviews of Personal Development for Smart People

Some of these book reviews are almost as long as a book chapter. This was a LOT of reading. I’m sure the combined length of all the reviews far surpasses the length of the book itself.

Note: Links that have gone dead since this original post was made have been removed. That’s why there are less than 50 now.

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Quick Juice Feasting Update

It’s Day 28 of my juice feast, and I’m feeling pretty good today. It’s hard to believe I’ll be transitioning back to solid foods next week. The days did NOT fly by! I felt every one of them. This has been a LONG 28 days…

I may not have time to post updates for a few days because Erin and I have some guests staying with us this weekend. Erin is having lunch with them right now. I remember when I used to eat lunch…

I’ll be sure to make a summary post about the juice feasting experience when I’m done. I might wait until I transition back to solids before writing that piece though, so I can include my thoughts on the transition as well. It will take me at least 3 days to transition.

I weighed 170.8 pounds this morning, so my weight is still about the same as it’s been for the past 10 days or so.

Time to drink some more juice. I made a quart of plum-coconut juice.