Juice Feasting – Day 7

Today I felt pretty good overall, although I was a little spacey in the middle of the day. This could have happened because I had so many sweet juices and not as many greens today.

Today’s Juices

  1. pineapple, coconut water, raspberry
  2. cantaloupe
  3. Master Cleanser
  4. carrot, celery, green leaf lettuce

I drank about 1.2 gallons total.

Juice #1 was super sweet but really good. I gave my kids a taste, and they came chasing after me for more.

Today I made the Master Cleanser for the first time, which is a quart of water with lemon juice, sweetener (maple syrup, honey, or agave nectar), and cayenne pepper. It’s included as part of the juicefeasting.com protocol but can also be used for cleansing or for weight loss by itself. I’m not sure how often I’ll include it, but it’s very easy to make.

Erin went out and bought me a cleaver today after I chipped too many knives trying to open coconuts. Oops.

Weight Loss

I weighed 177.4 pounds this morning for a net loss of 1.6 pounds in 6 days. While that isn’t bad considering I’m not restricting calories, I thought I’d lose weight faster than this based on what I’ve heard from others.

One Week Down

Wow… I just finished my first week of juice feasting!

This week was challenging, but in a different way than I expected. The biggest challenge was maintaining the daily discipline of making and drinking more than a gallon of fresh juice, including washing the produce and doing the clean-up. Some of the juices I made weren’t very palatable because I couldn’t predict how they’d turn out, but I still got them down. This should get easier with practice.

Before I started juice feasting, I thought the detox would be the hard part, but it was really a non-issue. I was able to function just fine this week, and the bad days were very mild, not even as bad as a mild cold. I’ve felt totally normal for the past few days and haven’t noticed any serious impairments. I’m pleasantly surprised I can function so well on a liquid diet.

I could hire someone to make all the juices for me, which would make this even easier, but for now I want to do it myself because it’s all part of the challenge. I also want to keep experimenting to figure out which juice combos I like best. I’ve certainly learned a lot this week.

Only 12 more weeks to go. Hopefully it will get easier from here on.