I’ve been doing a lot of radio and podcast interviews in conjunction with my book’s release. Many of these interviews have been recorded and are available online, so I’m happy to share those with you if you care to listen to some interesting audio content for free.

While many of these interviews discuss my book Personal Development for Smart People to some extent, most of them cover a variety of other topics such as 30-day trials, my raw vegan diet, how I got started in personal development, building a successful blog, financial abundance, and more. I did my best to provide helpful content in these interviews, not to excessively plug the book.

Just to clarify in case it wasn’t obvious, in all of these interviews, I’m the interviewee, not the interviewer.

Downloadable Interviews

If you’d like to hear some of the interviews I’ve already done, here are links to several that are available online:

  1. Tools to Life interview with Devlyn Steele (25:28 podcast)
  2. The Displaced African interview with Mwangi Njanja (60-minute podcast)

Thanks to the book, I’m getting more interview requests than ever before, and I’ve been enjoying them immensely. Lately I’ve been doing as many as three phone interviews per day. I did two of them earlier today. I’m certainly getting a lot of practice in a short period of time.

I definitely prefer the radio/podcast interviews to doing text interviews. Audio interviews are more fun and interactive, and they take a lot less time as well. I don’t care if the interviews are live or pre-recorded since I enjoy being spontaneous either way.

Radio Pros vs. Podcasters

I’ve noticed a difference in the interviewing styles of most podcasters vs. professional radio show hosts. The radio hosts are usually extremely polished, especially with respect to how they handle introductions and transitions, probably because they’ve had so much practice at honing their on-air skills. The podcasters on the other hand tend to be more tentative and not as smooth with their questions and transitions, but they often ask very thoughtful questions, and they can go much deeper into certain topics because they aren’t limited by airtime.

Personally I enjoy both types of interviews, but I think I prefer the podcast interviews overall because there are no forced commercial breaks or hard cut-off points. 🙂

Being an Author Opens Doors

When it comes to interview requests, being an author seems to open more doors than running a popular blog. Before my book was out, I used to get maybe 1-2 interview requests per month. Now I’m getting at least a few requests per week. At this point, I can’t tell if this is a temporary surge due to the book’s recent release or if it’s likely to be a semi-permanent change. Time will tell.

Doing these interviews has made me very grateful that I didn’t pick such a narrow niche for my blog or my book. I think I’d be pulling my hair out if I had to do dozens of interviews on the same topic like blogging or polyphasic sleep — over and over again. One day I did a morning interview on blogging, an afternoon interview on Internet business, and an evening interview on personal growth topics. I really enjoy that kind of variety — it’s a nice benefit of having many different interests.