This evening I was organizing some files on my computer, and I found a transcript of an old channeling session I did on the subject of desire. I read through it and saw that it was an interesting take on the Law of Attraction, so I figured I’d share it.

Channeling is similar to automatic writing, except that you aim to tune into a spirit guide, deceased person, astral entity, or some other non-physical being. You ask questions and allow their answers to flow through you. If that explanation is too new agey for you, then just think of it as a conversation with a projection of your subconscious mind. The precise paradigm isn’t that important, so try not to throw a conniption fit over the concept if it doesn’t fit into your favorite belief system. What’s important is whether or not you find the answers useful. Do they help you see things in a new light? Do they allow you to solve problems that were previously troubling you?

I got really into channeling about 4-5 years ago and recorded dozens of pages of material. I haven’t done much of it since then, but every once in a while I give it a go. I’m often amazed at the stuff that comes through.

These excerpts are from a channeling session I did with Quan Yin, goddess of compassion, on April 18, 2006. The questions are mine; the answers are hers.

What is the nature of desire?

Ultimately the nature of desire is to help you raise your awareness and bring you back to love. You can truly have whatever it is you desire. It is not the nature of the universe to deny your wants.

When the universe fulfills some of your desires, in even the smallest degree, how do you receive them? Do you disdain them? Do you wish you never wanted them? Or do you accept them with appreciation and gratitude? How you receive these gifts will determine how they continue to come into your life.

So if you want to improve your ability to manifest what you want and enjoy your manifestations even more, then receive all your experiences with appreciation and gratitude. Welcome them. Ask for more of them. Be thankful for them. And they will increase.

This works with anything you desire — food, wealth, health, sexual expression, and so on. Feel gratitude for what you do have, and you will experience increase.

Why does desire work like this?

It is unfortunate to desire something, to receive it, and then not to enjoy it much, is it not? Your natural state of being is joy. But in order for you to experience joy, you must learn to en-joy. You must recognize the joy within all your experiences. Being thankful increases your experience of joy. So the universe works to teach you to be thankful such that you can increase your enjoyment and thereby your experience of pure joy. You do not actually need anything physical to experience joy, but it is through the manifestation of your physical desires that you come to know how to experience joy.

As you pursue the fulfillment of your desires, you eventually satisfy some of them. At some point you get what you want. It might be just a little at first, but you do receive something. How much do you enjoy that experience? The degree to which you enjoy it won’t affect your drive to continue fulfilling your desires. Your drive will be the same either way. Your enjoyment is your reward though. So doesn’t it make sense to enjoy what you receive as much as possible? It is not the physical size of the reward that matters. It is the scope of the gratitude you bring to it.

Imagine how your life would be if you desired something, disdained it, and then got more of it. That would be a destructive cycle, would it not? If you received more of what you hated, your life would be filled with whatever you hated. It would be unpleasant to say the least. But if your life fills only with what you are grateful to receive, then that would be a joyous existence — assuming you eventually learn to enjoy what you want.

So this is the best way for the universe to bring you what you truly want — it only brings you abundance of whatever you truly enjoy. Without joy the default is scarcity.

Back to Steve: What I find interesting about the above passages is that they seem like they could have come from the book Ask and It Is Given, which itself claims to be a channeled book. However, I wrote the above material about a month before I was even aware of that book or its authors, which happened when I attended the I Can Do It! seminar.

If you want to attract more of anything, you must effectively thank the universe for whatever it sends your way, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. To attract greater financial abundance, be thankful for every penny that comes to you even if you’re totally broke. To attract better health, be thankful for the health and vitality you’re experiencing right now even if you’re overweight and sickly. To attract better relationships, be thankful for the relationships you already have even if you spend a lot of time alone.

To be ungrateful is to assert the intention, “Don’t give me any more of this because I don’t like it.” To be grateful is to intend, “This is wonderful! Keep it coming!”