Podcast #018 – Faster Goal Achievement

In this podcast you’ll gain insights on closing the gap between your current position and your goals/intentions.

In the language of Intention-Manifestation or the Law of Attraction, these ideas address how to come into resonance with your goal or to become a vibrational match for it. If you prefer less new agey terms, it’s about how to shift your identity from where you are now to the person you’ll eventually be once you achieve your goal. As your identity shifts to your new goal persona, you’ll feel naturally drawn to take whatever actions are necessary. But if your identity remains fixed at your starting point, you usually won’t feel much inclination to act, and your progress will be minimal or nonexistent.

This internal identity shift is a critical but often overlooked part of achieving goals and manifesting intentions. If you frequently set goals or put out intentions and then watch them die on the vine, it’s probably because you aren’t embracing the identity shift required to get there. You may know what needs to be done intellectually, but you haven’t reached the point of inspired action because you’re sticking to your comfort zone instead of walking away from it.

There’s a vast difference between knowing what to do vs. actually doing it, and this podcast aims to help you move from knowing to being, doing, and having. Whether you embrace traditional goal setting practices or the Law of Attraction or both, you won’t get very far until you learn to shift your identity from point A (your current position) to point B (your goal persona). This identity shift is the difference between struggling with procrastination, laziness, ineffective action, and deluded wishful thinking vs. enjoying the ongoing flow of positive results from inspired action.

When your identity is out of sync with your goal, action is very difficult — it is doing. When your identity comes into sync with your goal, action is inspired and effortless — it is being.

In this podcast I’ll share a couple internal shifts I experienced as a result of participating in the ongoing Million Dollar Experiment and how those shifts are bringing greater financial abundance into my life. I’m not a millionaire yet, but I did recently pass the $100,000 mark, and I’ll offer up a few insights I gained along the way. It’s been my experience that even seemingly subtle shifts in thinking can yield dramatic, measurable results on the outside.

Enjoy the podcast.

Faster Goal Achievement

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