Pandora Music Service

Pandora is a unique music service I recently stumbled upon. Pandora allows you to enter the name of a single song or artist, and then it generates a custom streaming music channel based around that artist. Pandora references a massive database created by the Music Genome Project to determine the properties of the song or artist you entered, and then it uses this information to select a variety of other songs it thinks you may like.

Pandora also allows you to tell it which songs you like and don’t like, so it can use this info to improve the selections it includes in your personal radio station. You can also create multiple stations and then switch between them whenever you want. Currently my favorite “station” is the one I created from the song “Rapture” by Iio.

Pandora can use used for free (ad-supported), or you can pay a small fee for it.

I’ve been trying Pandora for the past few days and quite like it. It’s a nice complement to the streams I listen to via Digitally Imported. What I like most about Pandora is that I can easily skip a song whenever I want, whereas with other streams I’m stuck with whatever happens to be playing.

Check it out and create your own personal radio station.