Robert Blum’s Manifestation Story

Here’s another great manifestation story I received from one of our Million Dollar Experiment participants, Robert Blum. I like this story because it helps drive home the point that this is not a scientific experiment, and scientific skepticism will only block you from getting results with it. Here’s Robert’s story (reprinted with permission):

Hi Steve,

I joined your million-dollar experiment pretty much when you posted it, with maybe a day delay. After that, complete silence on the money front. Even pennies I usually find on the street just magically disappeared. The only money that seemed applicable were 4 cents I found in a pocket. I really had qualms accepting them as “manifested,” since technically, they weren’t – they were there before the experiment started.

Then, tonight, as I come home, I realized what bothered me – if I accepted those, this wouldn’t be a scientific, repeatable experiment. So, after dithering on that for a while (since I lost my door keys… ūüôĀ ), I decided that the intention didn’t mention “scientifically” or “repeatable” – so I decided to take money any way it offers itself. Almost immediately after that, I found additional change in my backpack, while rummaging for the keys.

Ten minutes later, it turns out that our maintenance guys waived the $25.00 charge to get into the apartment. (Which I now have no trouble actually counting as income – after all, I would’ve normally been out of them).

I come home, and see your e-mail message, which basically means another $60.00 (me & my wife) [this was regarding a sign-up bonus for an online banking service] – this train really started to roll, the *moment* I changed my assumption. I admit I was skeptical, but I’m definitely on board now!

Thanks for sharing, Robert!

I’ve received about a half-dozen similar emails from others who’ve noted that once they stopped viewing this experiment with scientific skepticism, new sources of money began appearing almost immediately. A few people even reported small lottery wins. A skeptical viewpoint will only prevent you from manifesting money because at the same time you’re holding the intention to manifest money, you’re simultaneously negating it by harboring thoughts of doubt. Remember that every thought is an intention. One of the great challenges of this experiment is to be able to open your mind enough to hold the positive intention without negating it. It will do you no good to spend 60 seconds a day holding the intention to manifest money while spending the other 86,340 seconds doubting that it will work. What I’ve found most helpful is to hold the intention for a few minutes a day while spending the rest of the time being openly curious about where the next sum of money will come from. At the very least this keeps me mentally open to recognizing new opportunities, and this openness puts me in the right frame of mind to act on them immediately.

Relaxing your skepticism isn’t going to turn you into a gullible idiot who runs off to hunt vampires. It will simply expand your thinking to enable you to recognize new possibilities. If you keep expecting money to arrive, you’re far more likely to find a way to make it happen.