CGC Lands at 66 CGCers for Year 6

The annual opening for new members to join Conscious Growth Club closed a few days ago. We landed with 66 CGCers for Year 6, so perhaps this will be our most demonic CGC year ever. 😈

Or if we don’t count Rachelle and me, it’s 64, which is 2^6. So we’re being haunted by 6’s for Year 6.

So far more than 330 people have been CGC members. Some have leveraged the group for short-term transitions while others approach it as a long-term investment to upgrade multiple areas of life.

Last year we had a bigger group, so CGC is smaller this year, but we also had more renewing members this year. The ratio of veteran members to new members is now about 2-to-1, so I think that will create a really interesting dynamic for Year 6. In the previous CGC year, the majority were new members, mainly due to a big influx from the Amplify course.

Several CGCers are in Vegas right now, and Rachelle and I have been having fun hanging out with them. We’ll be spending more time together this weekend as more people have been arriving still.

Our next opening for Conscious Growth Club Year 7 will begin around April 25, 2023. So please mark your calendar to check in here if you missed the opening window this year. We only open for about one week each year since CGC is a year-long program.

I’m not attached to how many members CGC has because it’s so flexible. With a bigger group there’s more energy and activity. With a smaller group there’s more intimacy and individual attention. I’d say that for Year 6 we’re somewhere in the middle, so it feels like a great number for a nicely balanced year. I like that. Somehow it feels like we landed right where we’re supposed to for this year. 😄