Amplify Is Launching Soon

We’re very close to launching the new Amplify course on creative productivity. It’s already available to Conscious Growth Club members as of today (Sunday, February 28), and I plan to open it up to everyone else to join within the next 24 hours.

There are 4 lessons in the portal to start, and I’ll be adding more lessons on Wednesday. My goal is to have the first 31 lessons published by March 31. As with our previous courses, we’ll be co-creating the lessons as we go based on the flow of inspiration and feedback.

This will be a substantial new course. I anticipate recording at least 60 lessons for it. I aim for the average lesson to be about 15 minutes.

I’ll be hosting 8 group Zoom calls for course participants every Wednesday at 10am Pacific time from March 10 to April 28, so you’ve still got about 10 days till the first one.

We’ll be adding full text transcripts of all audio lessons too – the first lesson’s transcript is already published.

Here’s a screenshot to show you what the Amplify portal looks like right now:

So please hang tight… it won’t be much longer. 🙂

Update: Amplify is open!