Guest Posting & Marketing Inquiries

If you've come to seeking guest posts, advertising, affiliate promotions, paid posts, link exchanges, book or app reviews, or something similar, please be aware that my website is not a platform for marketing purposes. The purpose of this site is to assist people on their personal growth journeys and share insights from my own experiences. There are no third-party promotions or advertising here, and we do not accept guest posts since they are not desired by my readers.

Allow me to offer you some friendly advice instead.

Since the inception of this website in 2004, I have received countless unwanted requests of this nature. To say the least, they are quite bothersome. If you engage in this behavior with other bloggers, you are undeniably causing annoyance to many people. When individuals receive such messages, they often harbor negative thoughts towards the sender, resulting in an accumulation of unfavorable energy. This, in turn, can impact your mental state and overall well-being. For your own benefit and the betterment of others, I implore you to cease engaging in these activities.

Undoubtedly, marketing plays a vital role in business, but employing such non-consensual methods is neither intelligent nor effective.

Do you not feel a twinge of discomfort or hesitation when sending these types of messages? Surely it cannot bring you a sense of satisfaction. I encourage you to reflect upon your own feelings and be honest with yourself. Almost no one enjoys employing this cold-calling approach to marketing, particularly when reaching out to individuals who have no interest in receiving such inquiries. If you suspect that you are wasting people's time and energy, chances are, you are indeed doing so. Moreover, you're also wasting your own valuable time and energy.

So what's the alternative?

One possibility is to recognize that your inclination towards employing this spammy approach may be a result of your creative flow being hindered. As The Artist's Way might point out, you may be a stifled creator, diverting yourself from the true work of creating something extraordinary and meaningful.

Instead of pursuing others for promotional assistance, consider attracting an engaged audience of your own by expressing yourself in a more unique and authentic manner. Collaborators will be eager to work with you because your creations resonate with them, not because you have sent them unsolicited marketing inquiries.

Here's a simple rule of thumb that has served me well over the years. It applies to both professional and personal relationships, and it can be summarized in just two words:

Don't chase.

I suggest you try adopting this principle as one of your own. Recognize when you're pursuing people who are not genuinely interested and acknowledge how futile and pitiable it is to continue such behavior. Resolve to no longer be that kind of person.

I've actually developed a comprehensive online course called Amplify, designed to help people unlock their creative flow. Honestly I don't expect you to enroll in it. If you've read this far, you're probably feeling defensive about what I'm sharing. Perhaps at the very least, I've succeeded in causing you to pause and reconsider messaging the next person whom you'd otherwise be pestering right now. If that's the sole accomplishment of this message, then I've at least been of service to someone.

However, if any part of this resonates with your inner awareness, and you find yourself harboring doubts about your current marketing approach, I encourage you to cease your current actions and redirect your life in a different direction. If you possess any semblance of a conscience, you must recognize that non-consensual outreach is not the path to follow. It is a desperate move, and you need not succumb to such desperation. There exist many superior and more effective approaches, but you are unlikely to discover them until you resolve to abandon the spammy path altogether. There is a reason you feel resistant to employing this approach—it is fundamentally flawed and incompatible with your being your best.

As an alternative to non-consensual spamming, I invite you to explore this website instead. It will undoubtedly open your eyes to a different way of living and conducting business, one that does not require relentless pursuit of people who'd prefer not to be chased. Take a leisurely browse through the Archives, and delve into articles whose titles resonate with your intuition. Allow me to recommend a starting point: The Courage to Live Consciously.

Consider this an invitation to pause, reassess your intentions, and realign your course. Are you truly living life in accordance with your desires? Or is it time for a profound change? If the latter resonates with you, rest assured that this website is filled with an abundance of free resources to help you initiate that transformation.

Keep learning and growing,

Steve Pavlina