All 30 Guild Course Lessons Are Complete

Wow… what a journey the Guild course has been! We delivered the whole experience live April 1-30, in the form of a daily Zoom call – around 3 hours per day on average. It was such a beautiful and rewarding journey into connection, intimacy, social alignment, and more.

All 30 lessons were recorded, and they’re fully published now. We’re keeping the course available for anyone who wants to go through the recorded version. The live version included breakout rooms for group discussions, which aren’t included with the recordings, but I’d say the recorded versions are still around 60 hours of material. This is our longest course ever, equivalent to perhaps 5 back-to-back 3-day workshops.

We’re going to add two more bonuses to Guild in May, but for now I’m delighted that the core course is complete. It was a very memorable experience to be sure.

Access to the Guild course is included with a Conscious Growth Club membership as well, and there are just over 3 days left to join CGC for the upcoming Year 6. The deadline to decide is midnight Pacific time on May 3, 2022. Our next CGC opening after that won’t be till April 2023.

Guild Lesson Topics

Here’s the full list of topics we covered in Guild:

  1. Welcoming & Social Joy
  2. Your Social Why + Finding Matches
  3. Social Resistance
  4. Trust Wounds
  5. Boundaries
  6. Social Expansion
  7. Depth & Intimacy
  8. Deeper Depth
  9. Belongingness
  10. Invitations
  11. Social Time & Energy Management
  12. Social Gravity
  13. Social Realignment
  14. Social Leadership
  15. Social Visibility
  16. Rejection
  17. Conflict Resolution
  18. Masterminding
  19. Humor
  20. Romantic Connections
  21. Social Interfaces
  22. Inner Relationships
  23. Social Courage
  24. Flirting
  25. Managing Expectations
  26. Sex
  27. More Sex
  28. Awkwardness
  29. Receiving
  30. Transitions & New Beginnings

Truthfully we covered many more topics than are listed here. This is just the main list of core topics for each day of the course. Lots of ideas were shared organically and spontaneously as well since it was a very co-creative experience. Interestingly this list wasn’t created in advance. At the end of each day, we had a quick discussion about what to cover for the next lesson, so what we covered in the course was co-creatively chosen as well.

I’m delighted with how Guild turned out. It was a lot of work but definitely a labor of love. I think that many people who go through the recorded version in the years ahead will find it transformational. I almost can’t believe how much we packed into the experience. It was intense!

Some CGC members may be going through the Guild course again together during the upcoming CGC year, possibly soon, so if you join CGC by May 3rd, you may have the opportunity to do the course with a group as well. Otherwise the course can also work well as a solo experience. It’s packed with so many insights about how to create a more abundant and satisfying social life, it’s hard to imagine anyone not getting their money’s worth from it… probably many times over.

Moreover, there’s a lot of humor in the course, including a whole lesson on humor skills, so I think you’ll find it very entertaining as well. Most of that was unplanned… just a lot of spontaneous fun along the way.

I thought I might feel a bit tired or drained by the end of the course, but actually I feel pretty jazzed. I feel like some parts of my brain could use a nice rest while other parts are still amped up from the experience. The intimacy that people shared was a lot to take in, but it’s left me feeling a lot more connected to people. I’m also very grateful for how supportive and encouraging people were throughout the course, both of me and of each other. Bringing this to a close was bittersweet. It’s a great feeling to have crossed the finish line today, but part of me is also a bit sad that it’s over.

After this I’m really looking forward to flowing into CGC Year 6 and seeing what this new year in the club brings. Year 5 was such a good year that I feeling super optimistic about another year in CGC. It’s pretty obvious that we’re on the right path here and that we have something special that many people appreciate. I look forward to continuing to invest in more blogging, videos, courses, workshops, and community in the years ahead. It’s a joy to serve such wonderfully engaged people. 😀

CGC Q&A and “Meet the Members” Zoom Call on May 2nd

On Monday, May 2nd at 11am Pacific time, we’re hosting a free Q&A Zoom call to answer your questions about Conscious Growth Club. Some members may be on the call as well to share what it’s like inside.

You’ll find the details about the Q&A call in the News post about it, or register for the Q&A call here. If you’re thinking about joining us for Year 6 in CGC, I encourage you to attend the call.

I promise that the call won’t be salesy. We’re here to answer your questions and to help you figure out if you’re a match for CGC – because not everyone is.