Amplify Purchase Credit for Joining CGC

I’ve decided to offer a purchase credit for all Amplify course customers for a membership in Conscious Growth Club when CGC opens for new members in April, meaning that the full cost of the course will be applied to reduce the price of a CGC membership if you wish to join CGC next month.

A CGC membership is $1997 per year, so your dues will be discounted by your full purchase price for the Amplify course. You aren’t obligated to join CGC, but the credit is yours if you want to use it. When CGC opens in April, I’ll send all Amplify customers a special ordering link they can use to apply the credit.

Let me ‘splain…

The new Amplify course on creative productivity has had a pretty successful launch with 259 people enrolling so far. Conscious Growth Club (CGC) members also have access to the Amplify course – and every course – as part of their annual membership.

Conscious Growth Club is our main community with its own private forums (which are active every day), group coaching calls with me 3x per month, monthly challenges that members do together, quarterly planning sessions, progress logs for extra accountability, and a whole lot more. We work on improving in all aspects of life: physically, emotionally, mentally, creatively, financially, socially, etc. For our monthly challenges in particular, we work on many different details – decluttering, sleep optimization, exercise habits, self care, and more. Some members even do 365-day challenges.

CGC opens for new members only once per year, during the last week in April, and it’s an annual membership from May 1 to April 30 each year. This May 1st will be the start of CGC’s fifth year together.

Some people who were eager to participate in Amplify told me they were holding off on enrolling because they intend to join CGC in April, and they know they’ll get access to the course as part of their membership. They noted that it would save them some money to begin Amplify when they join CGC instead of starting now with everyone else.

As one CGC member voiced, this is a kind of a shame because it’s a lot of fun to go through the course with all of the group energy that we’re seeing inside now. In addition to a 60+ lesson audio course that’s being developed as we go – I’ll be adding the 15th lesson today – we also have 8 weekly Zoom calls. Our first call on Wednesday was so engaging that we went for about 3.5 hours, and the chat logs from the text commenting on the call were 26 pages long. We still have 7 more live calls to go, with the next one being on Wednesday, March 17.

The live calls give Amplify members a chance to interact with me, do some live Q&A, share their own insights on creativity and productivity, and interact with each other via small group breakout sessions. This is the first time we’re doing breakout sessions via Zoom, and the response has been super positive. People have really been enjoying these interactions with other creative people. Even the more introverted people like them. So I plan to keep doing them for future live calls too.

These group calls are being recorded, and Amplify members get the recordings too, but I’m sure that more people would enjoy the experience of participating with this group energy if I tweaked the offer a bit – so that it makes good financial sense to dive in now. Synching up with a large group going through the course together really up-levels the experience.

I had considered offering a course purchase credit that could be applied to a CGC membership a few years ago when we first started making courses. Back then I decided not to do it. I wasn’t keen on adding more complexity to the launch offers, CGC was still in Early Access mode, and there were months between a course launch and the start of a new CGC year. I also wasn’t sure how existing CGC members would feel about it.

This situation feels a bit different though.

CGC will open for new members in about 6 weeks, so it’s not that far away. We’ve never launched a course this close to the start of a new CGC year before.

Our last live call for Amplify will be on April 28, which will be during CGC’s enrollment period, so that could be a good time for people who want to continue their creative journeys to roll right into CGC and become part of the CGC community. Some Amplify members have been asking about a group forum or accountability partners, and CGC has included these benefits for years.

The Amplify calls can give people a better sense of the overall community vibe, which makes it easier for people to decide if they want to continue investing in that kind of flow. One thing you’ll learn is that we’re an unusually playful group. For instance, on the last Amplify call, there was the suggestion to invite everyone to do a future call wearing bathrobes, so we could feel extra cozy and relaxed. At least I’m not growing a beard this time. 😉

I also shared the idea of offering an Amplify credit with CGC members this morning to see what they thought. I have to make a decision on this today, so I didn’t have a lot of time to gather feedback, but the responses from several members thus far has been very positive and encouraging – welcoming the possibility of an influx of enthusiastic new members flowing in from the Amplify course. Based on what we saw on our first live call for Amplify, I can understand the support for the idea.

No one is obligated to use the CGC credit, and it would only be for this one time for the 2021-2022 CGC year, not a promise of doing it every time. But there is the possibility of doing it again under similar circumstances if people appreciate it and if it attracts more active members into CGC. So consider this a bit of an experiment.

And yes, this credit will extend to everyone who enrolls in Amplify before the start of the new CGC year too. So you’ll get a credit for your Amplify purchase which you can apply to join CGC this April if you so desire. If you don’t use the credit to join CGC this year though, it poofs out of existence.

Please note I’m not extending this credit to all other courses. It’s just for Amplify specifically.

So if this makes your decision to join Amplify easier, we’d love to welcome you to the group as soon as you’re ready. Come join the 259 people who signed up so far and the wild and welcoming CGCers who are already inside.

Update: More than 300 people have now joined Amplify, and all of them are receiving the CGC credit I mentioned – if they want to use it.