Desperation Loyalty

Desperation loyalty is remaining loyal to a group or identity based on neediness or clinginess, often in violation of more important values. It is a place of stuckness that elevates loyalty to others above the commitment to grow.

It’s relatively easy to spot this in other people. It’s harder to spot this in ourselves.

If you pursue a strong and centered path of personal growth for many years, you will outgrow many friends and social groups along the way. That’s a normal part of a life of growth and change.

But at some point in your journey, especially early on, you may have doubts about taking the next leap because it may feel like a leap into aloneness.

The truth is that you may sometimes leap into aloneness, but these needn’t be leaps into loneliness.

Accepting an invitation to grow is an individual decision. That is your challenge to face, and some challenges in life must be faced alone. Now and then it’s important to get away from social influences to dwell in the fire of your own values and let them burn out of you what no longer feels aligned.

The antidote to desperation loyalty is inspiration loyalty. Feel the call of this fiery invitation, and give it your full attention when it demands this from you.