Steve Pavlina Instagram

Around 10 days ago I created a new Steve Pavlina Instagram account, so if you use Instagram, I welcome you to follow me there (@steve.pavlina). Presently I have 344 followers there with more jumping in each day.

Why Instagram?

I like to experiment of course, so it’s partly for that reason. While I got tired of social media in the past and dropped most accounts years ago (even those with sizable followings), I’ve never had an Instagram account before, and many people have been telling me that they like it as a unique way of connecting.

Shortly after I joined, I shared the pic below to invite people to share their opinions with me, partly to get a feel for what people might like to see. You can click on the image to see their replies, and I invite you to comment as well.

I found it interesting that there was some desire for slice-of-life and behind-the-scenes sharing. I hadn’t actually thought about that when I first signed up, mainly because I didn’t know anything about Instagram stories. I thought Instagram was just a place for sharing photos with various filters applied, and with that limited scope of understanding, it didn’t seem like a good match. But of course there’s more to it than my initial surface impression.

I’ve shared 28 posts there so far, mostly pics but also a few videos. I have several friends with large Instagram audiences, including one with more than half a million followers, so they gave me some tips to quickly get up to speed. And of course I got a bit of teasing about returning to social media after being soured on it for so many years. Truthfully I’ve always had mixed feelings about it, like many people do, but I also like to keep trying new things.

I’d like to explore this as another way to provide value to people but in a more balanced way that weaves in more intimacy – some personal pics, some behind the scenes, and some inspirational content. I’ll figure out the right balance by seeing what people like best. I tend to learn and adapt quickly since I’m not afraid of making mistakes.

I’ve been sharing some Instagram “stories” too. These are series of pics and/or short videos (up to 15 seconds) that endure for 24 hours. In the past six days, I’ve shared some small slices from my days attending a 2-day meeting with my mastermind group, the 3-day LaunchCon event, and another all-day session yesterday – all in Orlando, Florida. Now I’m transitioning to a week of vacation time with Rachelle, so in the days ahead we may share some pics and stories about that.

At some point I may do some Instagram live video sessions as well, such as an open Q&A. I like to be spontaneous, so you never know when I might feel inspired. 🙂

Why Follow?

What’s the benefit to you? I’d say the main benefit would be adding more positive energy to your life. I enjoy a happy and abundant lifestyle, and I like to encourage people to stretch themselves and grow. And what I share there will of course be short and easily digestible.

I’m also sharing which books I’m currently reading. So if you’d like to compile a more growth-oriented reading list, I’ve got you covered. Many of the books I select are recommendations from members of my mastermind group or other growth-oriented friends.

So if that sounds good to you, join the party, and let’s see where this leads. Like all things in life, this is a temporary experience, and for this particular mode of sharing, we’re just at the beginning. Those who join now will be able to exert the greatest amount of influence in steering where this goes.