10 Opt-in Bonuses in 10 Days

In Conscious Growth Club we’re doing a special 10-day creative challenge from Monday, November 27 to Wednesday, December 6. My goal for this particular challenge is to create 10 opt-in bonuses for my website’s email list in the next 10 days.

Partly I’m doing this to add better incentives for readers of my blog to opt-in to my mailing list, which makes sense as we build towards our full CGC launch in early 2018. CGC has evolved into my main outlet for helping people these days, and I expect that to continue for the foreseeable future. So improving opt-ins for the email list is a wise choice. It’s a good pathway for inviting more growth-oriented people into the inner circle, which has been thriving for the past several months while we’ve been in Early Access mode.

I’m also doing this as a personal growth challenge. Normally I dislike deadlines, but I have to admit they can be very effective for me. So I want to test myself to be creative on tight deadlines by committing to 10 small creative works in 10 days.

I’m announcing this challenge here on my blog too since I’ll be publishing something new each day, so for the next 10 days, you’ll begin seeing various freebies offered if you join my email list. If you’re already on the email list, I’ll share all of these freebies with existing subscribers after the challenge is over, so you don’t have to opt-in to the same list 10x if you want to get all these extras. 🙂

Each opt-in bonus could be done in any medium, such as a PDF, audio, or video. I’ll co-creatively figure out what to create during a CGC group video call at the start of each day of this challenge.

For this challenge I intend to create bonuses across many major areas of personal growth: lifestyle, productivity, relationships, abundance, emotions, health, the nature of reality, etc. I’d like to have at least one bonus per topic category for my blog. That way when someone reads an article on productivity, they’ll see a relevant productivity bonus. And if someone reads an article on abundance, they’ll see an abundance-related bonus.

Within CGC our members can use this challenge to tackle small creative works and get them done and published. This could include creating a short ebook, a podcast, a YouTube video series, a daily blog post, a new song, etc. Each member is free to set their own 10-day goals if they choose to participate. And if you’re not a member, you can still do this on your own as well. CGC is where people work on these kinds of challenges together.

Each day of this challenge, I’ll start the day with a live group video brainstorming session for any CGC members who choose to participate. I’m also inviting some entrepreneurial friends from another paid coaching community to join in these calls for some extra stimulation and cross-sharing.

We’ll have an open text chat channel on each call too, so anyone can share comments and ideas along the way.

We’ll record all of these calls and add them to our CGC members portal as well, so people who join CGC later can still watch them.

I have to do these calls early in my day since I need sufficient time to create and publish these opt-in bonuses afterwards. So I’m doing the calls at 7:00 am Pacific time each day of this challenge. I expect each call to be about an hour.

On each of these calls, my primary goal is to come up with an idea for a new opt-in bonus for my website, and I’ll be inviting people on the call to help me brainstorm and figure out what to create each day. What’s the purpose? What’s the basic idea for the content? What’s the medium (text, audio, video, etc)? It has to be something I can create and publish in one day or less.

Then after each call, I’ll create the bonus. My goal is to have each item published on my website within 24 hours after each call ends. Ideally I’ll get these published the same day.

Another goal is to generate some extra creative inspiration for our members. We can include some short brainstorming sessions for those who want help with their own creative works… and perhaps some Q&A as well.

This is very much a ready-fire-aim idea. It’s an experiment. We’ll figure out the call format and adapt as we go. This is meant to be a tad bit wild and chaotic since that kind of energy is often good for creativity. This is for stimulating ideas and getting into action, not for perfection. This type of challenge is a great fit for people who need help getting past indecision and procrastination – it pushes people to get off the fence and get some value created and shared.

My commitment is to have 10 new opt-in bonuses created and published on my website by the morning of Dec 7th.

I don’t know what I’ll be creating in advance. Therein lies the fun! I’m doing this as a co-creative challenge, so our CGC members will influence and help me decide what to create each day. I’m going into this with an open mind, not knowing exactly how it will turn out.

Since I’ll be going from idea to published mini-work 10 times in 10 days, this will be a fast-paced deep dive into co-creative execution under time pressure.

Even if you’re not in CGC, the benefit to you is that you’ll get all of these opt-in bonuses afterwards. Think of it like 10 extra holiday gifts from me. 🙂

If this challenge goes reasonably well and people like it, we may adapt the format to other types of challenges as well. It’s all about stimulating people to stretch themselves.