Today is the last day of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula sale, which itself is a 7-figure launch. Since I bought this program last year and have been involved in the PLF community for almost a year now – and since I’ve received some questions from people who are on the fence about getting it – I recorded a video this morning to share TONS of detail about what it’s like on the inside.

I’m sharing this to help you get clarity on the decision regarding whether or not this would be a good fit for you, so it’s not salesy at all, which I think you’ll appreciate. The purpose is to make the decision easier for you, whichever way you go.

Yes, seriously… this is 94 minutes, and I really did record it just a few hours ago. It was only last night that I decided to do this, so I know it’s a bit last minute. I also know that it’s a big decision whether to get PLF, and I have a lot to share about it that could be useful. This would only to be of interest if you’re seriously considering getting PLF and would appreciate some honest truths about what it’s really like before deciding.


Here’s what I cover in this video:

  • How to make the decision rationally and intelligently
  • Understanding PLF’s premium pricing
  • What the experience is really like after you buy
  • My insights and advice on PLF’s courses and bonuses
  • My insights and advice on PLF’s coaching and coaches
  • My insights and advice on PLF’s community
  • Will PLF work for you? Is it a good match for you?
  • What if you don’t have a list or following? (That’s an easy one)
  • How do you pick a niche / category? (Also easy, but the solution is counter-intuitive)
  • Is the timing right for you to do this?
  • My best advice on getting started with PLF (what your top two priorities should be)
  • My best advice on long-term success on this path (who is actually succeeding with it?)
  • My extra bonus to help my readers get off to a great start (three free group video coaching calls with me)
  • Final thoughts on making the decision

If you get PLF and would like to take advantage of the extra coaching calls from me (totally free), please send me a message through my contact form.

Product Launch Formula only has a public launch once a year, and today (September 15) is the last day, so if you’re going to get it, you’ll need to decide by midnight Pacific time today.

If you want to go forward with PLF, here’s a direct link to get it: Get Product Launch Formula.