The Harder It Is, The More You Must Love It

Some goals are far more difficult than you first imagined. Perhaps you’ve tried all the easy and obvious approaches, but the goal simply won’t succumb.

Sometimes you have to make a couple hundred failed attempts to find an approach that works beautifully for you.

Don’t give up just because you missed 20 times or so. You may be 10% of the way to a brilliant solution.

Does that sound promising or annoyingly discouraging?

If you only want the end result but resist the difficulty of grinding it out, you’ll likely give up long before you even reach the 10% mark.

For harder goals, you’d better find an approach to the daily grind that you can fall in love with.

You may need to make hundreds of attempts on certain goals, not necessarily because they require so much experimentation but because you need all that training to become strong enough to succeed.

The work may be hard, but can you love it anyway? Can you love it not in spite of the difficulty but because of the difficulty? Can you look at something really tough and say, “I love that you’re so challenging because just attempting you will make me stronger”?

You won’t accomplish much in life if you refuse to fall in love with the grind.

Stop trying to make everything in life easier. Learn to cultivate tenacious determination to conquer a goal because it’s ridiculously tough.

If a goal isn’t tough, it’s probably beneath you.

If you learn to love difficulty, you reduce resistance to goals that you associate with hard work. This puts more options within your reach. Labeling a goal as “too difficult” as if the difficulty is something undesirable is the same as saying, “I’m not ready to receive this desire.”

Eliminate your resistance to difficulty, and you’ll find, with much universal irony, that your resistance to difficulty was actually your greatest roadblock preventing the achievement of the goal.

The harder it is, the more you must love it.

That’s what she said. 😉