Juice Feasting – Day 5

Today I felt normal physically and mentally but above average emotionally due to feelings of mild euphoria for most of the day. This was my best day of the juice feast so far.

How Much Does It Cost?

I just returned from my second shop of the juice feast. I spent $136.47 at Whole Foods for another 5 days of produce to juice, which comes out to $27.29. If I averaged that much for the entire juice feast, it will mean spending $2510 for the whole 92 days.

However, since I had some produce left from my last shop, and since I didn’t buy any supplements or teas this time, there are some hidden costs that aren’t being counted. I estimate the cost for everything I’m consuming on this juice feast is close to $30 per day, which would put the total cost for the 92-day juice feast at $2760. Obviously that’s offset by what I’d have normally spent on groceries.

As a raw foodist, I definitely wasn’t spending close to $30 per day for food. I was probably averaging $10-15 per day.

It’s entirely possible to spend significantly less than $30 per day while juice feasting though. For starters, most of the produce I buy is organic. If I switched to conventional produce, I could shop more cheaply. Also, I don’t even look at prices when I buy food, so if I needed to stay within a budget, I could probably get this to less than $15 per day for produce.

My mindset is that I’ll buy the best food I can get. If I feel a need to make up the cost somehow, I’ll look for new ways to provide value and thereby generate more income. If I try to save money, the best I can possibly do is to get my costs down to zero. But if I focus on providing more value, I don’t run into such limits. The times in my life where I tried to save money by settling for lower quality were the times when I was always broke. When I realized that I have much more leverage on the value side, it became clear that I should just buy what I want and find a way to provide enough value to cover it. In other words, I just have to be willing to pay the price.

Today’s Juices

  1. honeydew melon
  2. coconut water, orange, strawberry, spinach
  3. tomato, zucchini, cucumber, spinach
  4. apple, celery, pomegranate, ginger, spearmint

This was about 1.1 gallons total.

Today I focused on making simpler, more palatable juices without worrying about getting in 2 pounds of leafy greens. In this I succeeded. Today’s juices were very good overall. I especially enjoyed the honeydew juice. One honeydew melon made about one quart of juice, so that was very convenient.

Juice #4 included 1-1/2 bunches of celery, which is more than I’ve ever included in a single quart of juice. The apple, pomegranate, ginger, and mint blended well together, so this was a very refreshing and satisfying juice.

I learned that green apples are better for juicing than Fuji apples if I’m mixing in other ingredients because the green apples provide a stronger flavor than the Fuji ones.

Weight Loss

I weigh 177.6 pounds this morning for a net loss of 1.4 pounds in 4 days. If this rate of loss continues linearly, I’ll hit the 160s around Day 26.


I did an amazing meditation today. So many great ideas came through with such tremendous clarity. It was like the floodgates of guidance just opened up and unloaded all they had to give.


I can’t adequately describe how amazing my nighttime dreams are. Last night it seemed like I was gone for several days. These dreams are so intricate and complex that I could write a whole novel about one night’s experiences. I’m really enjoying this part of the juice feast.


Some people report they need less sleep on a juice feast. I’m experiencing the exact opposite. Last night I slept almost 9-1/2 hours. Before the juice feast, 6-1/2 to 7 hours was about normal for me.

I figure it’s best to give my body as much rest as it needs at this point, but hopefully I won’t need this much sleep for the entire juice feast. Even so, I don’t mind it right now because the dreams I’m having are so incredible.

If every day was like today, I think I could handle the rest of the juice feast no problem.