Las Vegas I Can Do It Conference Meetup

A while back I mentioned that Erin and I would try to arrange a meetup at the I Can Do It! conference in Las Vegas. The conference just kicked off last night and runs through Sunday, May 20th. We figured maybe 5-10 people from our sites would attend; however, based on the response so far, it looks like there could be a few dozen people showing up. Wow!

Here are the details from an email that Erin sent out to interested people:

When: Sunday, May 20
Time: 8:00am (before the keynote address that morning)
Where: Registration tables

Why did I pick the registration tables? I had to pick a landmark that all of us would be familiar with and for which there was only one so no one would be confused. Now, it is possible that by Sunday morning the reg tables will be gone. I think they will still be there because you can buy tickets for just the one day so you obviously need a place to check in right? But on the off chance that the tables are gone, we’ll be standing in the vacant spot.

Don’t be shy. Saunter on up and introduce yourself or just hang out and absorb the scene. We’ll have one hour before the keynote to chat. The keynote is apparently on the topic of menopause, so we may or may not need to rush off to hear it, plus we’ll probably be able to hear it where we’re standing. In any case, we’ll have at least an hour to chat.

Steve and I are looking forward to meeting you all. I have a blonde stripe in my reddish-brown hair now so I’ll probably be easy to spot. And you probably already know what Steve looks like.

On the off chance that it is very crowded by the registration tables, we’ll probably find a quieter spot to chat at around 8:10, so if you don’t see us by the reg tables and it’s after 8:10am, look around the lobby area for us (just outside the reg table hall).

Again, not ideal location or directions but they’ll have to do.

If you see us during the show, feel free to say hi as well but we’ll probably be rushing off to find some food in between sessions so we apologize in advance if we seem brusque.

Yesterday I talked to a friend from Hay House that said we may be able to use the Hay House Radio area for our meetup, since they won’t be needing it until much later in the day. As you enter Hall C, the HHR area is located on your right behind some black curtains, just past the concession area. It has a small stage and several dozen seats, and it’s clearly labeled with a sign in front, so it should be easy to find. Hopefully Hall C will be open that early — I expect it will be since the first talk is at 9am. We’ll still meet by the registration tables at 8am, but we might move to the HHR area around 8:15 if it’s available and if the hallway isn’t working for us. So if you happen to show up late, check to see if we’ve moved to the HHR area inside Hall C.

Erin and I aren’t planning to attend the 9am talk on menopause (not exactly a topic in which I have a keen interest), so we may be able to hang out later than 9am.

As Erin said, don’t be shy. This is a totally informal gathering, and we’re very friendly, so if you’re able to attend, please walk right up and introduce yourself.