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Personal Development for Smart People Resources

Thank you so much for reading Steve's book Personal Development for Smart People.

Here are some additional free resources to help you.

Blog - This is where Steve shares his newest articles. You can also find hundreds of articles in the blog archives.

Journaling - This is an article about journaling, as discussed in Chapter 1 of the book. It includes a sample entry from Steve's personal journal. If you have a PC, Steve also recommends journaling software called The Journal. It comes with a 45-day free trial, and it includes Steve's own journaling exercises as a free bonus.

Giving up TV - Read about Steve's experience going 30 days with no TV. As mentioned in the book, media fasting is a great way to raise your awareness and take control of your life.

Raw Food Diet - Here's a summary Steve wrote about his 30-day trial of the raw food diet during January 2008.

Oneness - Here's an article that offers another perspective on the Oneness principle from Chapter 4.

Self-Discipline - This is a popular series of six articles on self-discipline.

Personal Development Books - Here's a recommended reading list of other books you may find helpful.

Take some time to explore this website. There are many free resources here to help you on your path of conscious growth. Feel free to start with whatever catches your interest, and go from there.