Recommended Products and Services

Here are my recommendations for products and services that I've personally reviewed and which I believe can help you on your personal growth journey. This is a short list since it only includes my top picks.

Lefkoe Method

Eliminate a limiting belief in about 20 minutes

The Lefkoe Method is a breakthrough process that allows you to eliminate a limiting belief that is holding you back in life. You can start by eliminating one of the three most common negative beliefs for free, including I’m not good enough, Mistakes and failure are bad, or I’m not important.

Site Build-It

Create an income-generating website

Whenever someone asks me how to make money online, I tell them to check out SBI. SBI is an amazing service that helps you design, build, and launch your own income-generating website. They provide all the tools, education, web hosting, and support you'll need to succeed. SBI is designed for non-techies, so you don't have to be a web genius to earn passive income online. I've referred many friends to this service. You can use SBI with WordPress too, thereby adding income streams to your site.

Getting Rich with Ebooks

Earn passive income from ebooks

Vic Johnson earned more than $7 million from ebooks, and now he offers an online course on how to do what he does, appropriately named Getting Rich With Ebooks. I’ve gone through this course myself and learned a lot from it. I recommend checking out Vic’s course and his system for creating and selling ebooks. With the recent explosion of iPad sales, we're in an unusual situation where demand for ebooks has skyrocketed, but this golden opportunity won't last forever.

The Journal

Keep a secure journal on your PC

The Journal is by far the best journaling software I've ever used. It's intuitive and feature-rich, doing everything you'd desire from a journaling program. In fact, I liked it so much that I worked with the program's developer to create a free bonus for visitors. This includes 20 original journaling exercises based on material from my website. These exercises are designed to help you gain clarity, solve problems, discover valuable insights, and more.

Imaginary Men

6 coaches. 3 days. 10 bottles of wine.

Six men's coaches share their embarrassing mistakes, surprising lessons, and unexpected breakthroughs in this behind-the-scenes conversation about personal challenges, women, and relationships. From birth until death, men are pitched false and oversimplified images of modern manhood. These recordings do the opposite. We share a different perspective on what it's like to be a conscious, growth-oriented man today.