Improve your life in 20 minutes a day

Paraliminals are relaxing, meditative audio programs that condition your mind for a variety of positive changes and beneficial effects.

When you listen to a Paraliminal session, you'll hear two distinct voices. Each ear receives a unique message tailored to a different hemisphere of the brain. These messages include instruction, advice, and creative visualization exercises.

First you're led through a few minutes of relaxation with soft music and nature sounds. By the time the second voice kicks in and the two voices split into separate stereo channels, you're already in a state of deep relaxation.

Each Paraliminal has a theme based on some aspect of personal development, such as overcoming procrastination, improving your memory, breaking addictions, conditioning new habits, improving relationships, attracting financial abundance, and so on.

A typical Paraliminal session is about 20 minutes. Many of the Paraliminals include two separate programs that focus on different aspects of the same theme, such as removing a limiting belief and installing a positive belief.

Holosync technology and binaural beats

Every Paraliminal includes Centerpointe Research Institute's trademark Holosync technology.

Centerpointe is known for their enormously popular meditation CDs, and Holosync is the reason.

Holosync uses a technique called binaural beats, which plays different tones in each ear to synchronize your brainwaves to a frequency that promotes deep relaxation and subconscious learning.

I've been an avid user of Paraliminals for many years now, and I can attest that they always put me into a deeply relaxed, meditative state within minutes. I've never experienced another guided meditation that was so consistent in having this effect.

The relaxation effect is entirely passive. You just zone out and listen.

Why use Paraliminals?

I think you'll find Paraliminals an immensely valuable tool on your path of personal growth.

Here are some of the many benefits of listening to Paraliminals:

Relax deeply

Relax and reduce stress as you listen to soothing tracks.

Recharge your energy

Increase your vitality and feel energized and alert.

Upgrade your behaviors

Adopt new habits and improve your existing habits.

Develop better social skills

Connect and communicate with ease and confidence.

Overcome procrastination

Take action to get the results you desire.

Boost your performance

Achieve success with a sharp, disciplined mind.

Attract abundance

Create a lifestyle of wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

Cultivate balance

Restore balance to your work, life, and relationships.

Align your emotions

Develop high self-esteem and a positive, winning attitude.

The Ultimate You Library

The Ultimate You Library is the complete collection of all Paraliminals. I've enjoyed using this collection for many years.

Just so there's no risk to you, you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee. Try all the Paraliminals you want for 30 days, and if you don't find them effective, just return them for a full refund. I think you'll be convinced of their value after your first listening session.

All Paraliminals

  1. Abundant Money Mindset
  2. Anxiety-Free
  3. Automatic Pilot
  4. Belief
  5. Break the Habit
  6. Conscious Time
  7. Creating Sparks
  8. Deep Relaxation
  9. Dream Play
  10. Focus & Concentration
  11. Fresh Start
  12. Get Around To It
  13. Happy for No Reason
  14. Holiday Cheer
  15. Ideal Weight
  16. Instantaneous Personal Magnetism
  17. Intuition Amplifier
  18. Letting Go
  19. Living the Law of Attraction
  20. Memory Supercharger
  21. New Action Generator
  22. New Behavior Generator
  23. New History Generator
  24. New Option Generator
  25. Peak Performance
  26. Perfect Health
  27. Personal Genius
  28. Positive Relationships
  29. Power Thinking
  30. Prosperity
  31. Recover & Reenergize
  32. Sales Leap
  33. Self-Discipline
  34. Self-Esteem Supercharger
  35. Simplicity
  36. Sleep Deeply / Wake Refreshed
  37. Smoke-Free
  38. Success Built To Last
  39. Talking To Win
  40. 10-Minute Supercharger
  41. You Deserve It!
  42. Youthful Vitality