[Free Video] How to Launch a Product Before You’ve Created It

My coach, Jeff Walker, has a brilliant strategy that lets you launch and sell a product online before you’ve actually created it, even if you have no following or list to start with. He posted a free video to show you how to do it step by step. This video will only be accessible for a few days though, so please watch it now if you’re in the mood for an adventurous new way of thinking about life and business:

Jeff’s “Seed Launch” Strategy

I used this strategy – and yes, I learned it from Jeff – to pre-launch Conscious Growth Club earlier this year. CGC is still being developed, and we have a ways to go before the full launch, but we’ve had almost 100 paying members in our club-in-progress since April. If you’d like to know how to successfully pre-launch something while it’s still in the idea phase, watch Jeff’s video, and he’ll explain how to do it.

You can use a similar strategy to launch an online product, such as a book or course, before you’ve actually created it. Artists and musicians are doing successful seed launches too. There are some key advantages to a seed launch, such as knowing whether an idea will sell before you do the work of implementing it. When your product or service is fully complete, you can launch again and have even more sales.

In this video Jeff will also share his launch stacking strategy, which you can use to string multiple launches together and parlay your results. He used launch stacking to go from a stay-at-home Dad to an Internet millionaire, and now he routinely does 7-figure launches and makes it look easy.

I’ve met Jeff personally, I bought his famous Product Launch Formula course, and I’ve been to two of his live events so far – all in the past year. I think you’ll like his style. He’s a laid back presenter and a natural introvert, and he’s very results-focused. If you like how-to steps and details, he’s a good person to learn from, and I feel good about recommending his material based on firsthand experience.

You’ll need to opt in to Jeff’s list to watch the free video, which is more than worth it. I’ve been on his list since last year, so come join me and a bazillion other fun and creative people who don’t want regular jobs. 🙂

By the way… in CGC we recently added a new Passive Income subgroup for members who want to help each other create new streams of passive income. That group is already up to 39 members, so it’s pretty popular. Wanna be our 40th?

Watch Jeff’s video, and see if this path is for you:

Jeff’s “Seed Launch” Strategy