Conscious Growth Club FAQ Updated

I updated the Frequently Asked Questions page for Conscious Growth Club, which answers many questions about CGC and its members for those who are thinking about joining. Check it out here:

Conscious Growth Club FAQ

We’re only about 24 hours into CGC’s once-a-year launch, and we’re already up to 31 members enrolled for Year 5 (33 if you count Rachelle and me), which is terrific for this early in the launch. That’s significantly more than last year at this time. We even have some prior members who skipped Year 4, and they’ve rejoined CGC for Year 5. Perhaps they missed us! 🙂

This year I’ve only been sharing the CGC invitation with my core audience of blog readers and email subscribers. Last year I advertised CGC on Facebook ($6K worth of ads) and promoted it on social media. The ads were profitable, but this year I’m not doing any advertising for CGC. I’m not even mentioning CGC on social media. I deleted my Facebook and Instagram accounts in January.

It’s fine to talk about CGC in other places – this isn’t Fight Club! – but I encourage you to be selective about sharing the invite with people outside of this community. We’ve really evolved a beautiful culture inside CGC with a lot of compersion (i.e. feeling happy for each others’ successes and happiness), and I very much want to protect and build upon that.

On the CGC invitation page, I’ve also added some extra clarifications to help people see if they’re a good match for CGC’s culture, values, and international membership.

Instead of trying to go for more reach, I’m focusing on even stronger alignment for Year 5. CGC was really designed to serve this core community, so those are the people we’re focusing on. Y’all are just too awesome! 😉