568 Signups for Deep Abundance Appreciation

Well that was awesome… our 30-day group abundance deep dive attracted 568 signups since Sunday afternoon. So we’re going to have a nice big group sharing this experience together.

The signup window officially closed at midnight Pacific time on July 31st. That deadline was mainly for me because I didn’t want to risk a bunch of last minute signups right before the first live video call starts at 11:11am Pacific time on August 1st. I wanted to allow some time to make sure everyone was able to register successfully for the live calls if they wanted to participate in them.

Since I’m about to head to bed now anyway, I’ll go ahead and leave the signup page open overnight just in case there are still some people wanting to join us within the next several hours before we start the 30-day deep dive.

If you’re still wanting to join, here’s the link to learn about this 30-day co-creative experience and sign up:

Deep Abundance Integration

If you do the math, you’ll see that this launch generated about $55K in less than 2-1/2 days. I’m delighted with this because it encourages me invest more in this direction, which I think has a great deal of promise. I’d love to host more co-creative experiences and invite some extra teamwork to help improve them over time. I like that they’re scalable and can pack in so much value for people, so we can price them very accessibly. I expect we’ll do more of these on different topics over time. So it’s wonderful to see so much interest and excitement for this first one.