2016 Workshop Topics

I’m happy to announce that the topics for the 2016 Las Vegas workshops have been selected:

Jul 29-31 – Conscious Abundance Workshop (overcoming scarcity, creating abundance, the Law of Attraction)

Aug 19-21 – Conscious Mind Workshop (focus, clarity, self-discipline, mental skills)

Oct 14-16 – Conscious Life Workshop (lifestyle design, freedom, independence, creating your own path)

Oct 21-23 – Conscious Entrepreneurship Workshop (starting and growing a small business, business skills, combining business and lifestyle design)

These were the four most popular topics requested by readers who participated in the recent workshop survey.

I expect to open enrollment for all four events sometime in May, with further details to share about them. If you’d like to be notified when enrollment opens, please sign up for the mailing list. In the meantime, be sure mark your calendar to save the dates for the workshops that interest you. 🙂