Conscious Relationships Workshop (CRW)

Workshop Summary

This 3-day workshop is designed to help you upgrade two key parts of your life: your intimate relationships and your overall social life (friends, family, coworkers, etc).

It's been said that 80% of your happiness in life will come from your relationships. However, this is an area where otherwise intelligent people frequently drop the ball, leaving their social life to the whims of fate, chance -- and quite often, seriously underdeveloped social skills and low emotional intelligence.

Through direct instruction, reflective exercises, and abundant hands-on practice with your fellow participants, CRW will help you identify key gaps in your current social life, understand alternative approaches that are compatible with your personality, and deliberately design a more conscious and intelligent strategy for managing your social life, so that ultimately you get the results you desire.

A powerful side benefit of CRW (and all workshops offered through this website) is that you'll make many new friends right at the workshop. Even if you consider yourself to be fairly shy, CRW provides many structured social exercises to make it easy for you to connect with people, so you won't even have to take the initiative to enjoy this benefit.

Some attendees report that at least 50% of the value of these workshops comes from the amazingly positive social environment and the new friends they make.

What You'll Learn

  • How to design and adopt a conscious and intelligent relationship strategy that works for you, regardless of your degree of introversion, extroversion, shyness, etc.
  • How to increase your social confidence
  • How to stop being being held back by social anxiety, fear, and self-doubt and enjoy a richer and more abundant social life
  • How to attract highly compatible partners that genuinely enjoy making you feel loved and appreciated
  • How to identify and correct subtle behaviors that may be repelling people you'd like to attract
  • How to make simple changes to increase your attractiveness with desirable partners
  • How to determine which of your intimate fantasies could actually become real... and how to make them happen if you so desire
  • How to transform an existing connection without risking rejection (friend to lover, casual acquaintance to close friend, etc)
  • How to develop and authentically express your most natural social personality without getting stuck in your head
  • How to intelligently engineer a strong social circle filled with positive influences and kindred spirits
  • How to attract powerful mentors and build positive relationships with them based on mutual respect, not neediness
  • How to encourage your social network to bring you a steady stream of quality referrals (the social equivalent of passive income)
  • How to determine which social technologies are truly improving your social results and which are retarding your progress and causing stagnation (which technologies to embrace and which to avoid)
  • How to use connection maps to understand how your social circle is impacting you and to identify key gaps (one of the most common gaps is a lack of strong mentors)
  • How to determine the most fulfilling relationship models for you, regardless of what society has conditioned you to accept
  • How to decide when it's time to end a long-term relationship, intelligently deciphering the classic should-I-stay-or-go conundrum
  • How to deal with difficult people, including relatives and coworkers
  • How to let go and release connections that no longer serve you
  • How to intelligently balance your social life with other parts of your life and avoid social overwhelm
  • How to cultivate a positive relationship with yourself, based on high self-esteem and self-respect
  • How to make the most of your life whether you're single, deeply involved with an intimate partner, or somewhere in between
  • ... and much, much more

Enjoy a Life of Connection and Support

CRW is NOT one of those typical dating or communication skills workshops based on shallow gender differences. This is a holistic workshop designed to utterly transform your entire approach to relationships, including everything from how you relate to your coworkers... to how you deal with your relatives... to how you attract and relate to intimate partners.

This is a hugely important part of your life to get right. With the knowledge, skills, and direct experience you'll gain from CRW, you'll finally be in control of your relationship destiny -- no more wishing and hoping for this part of your life to improve.

CRW helps you create happy and fulfilling relationship experiences based on YOUR unique needs and desires. Whether you're looking for a traditional marriage partner or feeling drawn to an alternative path, CRW can help you permanently upgrade this part of your life.

Register for CRW today, and consciously create the relationship life you desire.

Registration: $597

Workshop Details

February 17-19, 2012
Tropicana Hotel
Las Vegas, NV

9:00am - 5:30pm Fri & Sat
9:00am - 4:00pm Sun


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