Here’s a new video about creating your day in advance, not just mentally (like with a to-do list) but emotionally as well.

This video shares how to boost your confidence, overcome impostor syndrome, and upgrade your self-image by creating powerful reference experiences you’ll cherish and appreciate.

In this video a fearful concertgoer is used as an analogy for people who make excuses to avoid starting a new business or taking worthwhile risks in life.

Here’s quick video about using the “cards speak” standard to give the truth a voice in your life – and the importance of separating truth from power when making decisions.

Here’s a quick video lesson to help you improve the quality of your days by asking yourself one simple question at the end of each day.

Here’s the video of my Conscious Conversation call with transformational coach, trainer, speaker, hugger, and long-time friend LuAnn Buechler. We had a lively chat about LuAnn’s ihug Movement, sharing hugs, creating unity instead of partisanship, adapting to coronavirus, setting intentions, and many more fascinating topics. Here are some related links: ihug Movement LuAnn Buechler’s website…

Today we hosted and recorded a live Q&A call for people who are interested in Conscious Growth Club, so they could ask me questions about it. Several CGC members participated on the call as well, sharing insights on what it’s like inside and answering some extra questions too. I think this video will give you…