Podcast #023 – Life, the Universe, and Everything

This podcast really is about life, the universe, and everything… and this time, the answer isn’t 42. 😉 Here are some of the topics covered: What death can teach us about life Permanence vs. impermanence What you retain after you die The primary focus of your life Why you’re here in the physical universe Dream… Podcast #022 – Loving Relationships

This is a podcast about loving, intimate relationships that Erin and I recorded together this afternoon. We discuss the inner workings of our (almost 15-year) relationship in depth and share insights, advice, and stories regarding the following topics: Meeting each other’s needs and desires (emotional, physical, spiritual, etc) Creating and maintaining a deep connection Common…

Free Audio Interviews

I’ve been doing a lot of radio and podcast interviews in conjunction with my book’s release. Many of these interviews have been recorded and are available online, so I’m happy to share those with you if you care to listen to some interesting audio content for free. While many of these interviews discuss my book… Podcast #021 – Being Psychic

It’s been months since I posted a new podcast — my apologies since I was busy writing my book — so it’s nice to finally share some freshly recorded audio. Many readers have requested that Erin and I create a podcast together, so that’s exactly what we did. In this podcast we discuss psychic development…

Raw Food Coaching Session

I’ve decided to share a recording of my raw food coaching session with coach Roger Haeske. This session was conducted on January 4, 2008, when I was only 3-1/2 days into my 30-day trial of the raw food diet. Roger recorded the phone call from his end. My voice is a little faint on the… Podcast #020 – Creative Self-Expression

Many people have been socially conditioned to believe that a career or job should be chosen based how well it pays and how qualified you are to hold it. This podcast will explain why that approach is completely backwards. Paradoxically by selecting a career based on money and skills, your financial and career results will… Podcast #019 – Owning Your Dark Side

This first half of this podcast explores the idea of turning your seemingly “dark” life experiences into positive strengths. I tell the story of how being a kleptomaniac in my late teens helped me develop focus and courage, qualities that serve me well to this day. The second half covers the topic of polarity and… Podcast #018 – Faster Goal Achievement

In this podcast you’ll gain insights on closing the gap between your current position and your goals/intentions. In the language of Intention-Manifestation or the Law of Attraction, these ideas address how to come into resonance with your goal or to become a vibrational match for it. If you prefer less new agey terms, it’s about… Podcast #017 – Placing Your Order With the Universe

Here’s a new podcast where Erin offers a parable that helped her understand the Law of Attraction and the intention-manifestation model of reality. At just over 9 minutes, it’s one of our shortest podcasts. I think you’ll enjoy it if you’ve been looking for a simpler way to understand the LoA. Enjoy the podcast. Placing… Podcast #016 – The True Nature of Reality

This is my longest podcast to date (about 68 minutes). I decided this was a good time to bring together the concepts of intention-manifestation, the Law of Attraction, and subjective reality to explain how they relate to each other. While I’ve written multiple articles on each of these topics individually, until now I’ve never presented…