Guild Course Is Now Open for Enrollment

Our new Guild deep dive course on social alignment has launched, and many people have already signed up. I invite you to join if you’re interested in upgrading your social skills, social circle, and relationship life. You can watch the invitation video to learn about the course here:

Guild Course

The main purpose of Guild is to help you make major upgrades to your social life. There are 5 core transformations that we’ll be working on together:

  1. Enjoy rich and dynamic relationships with abundant growth-oriented friends.
  2. Upgrade from shallow or fragmented connections to deep, full-range friendships.
  3. Overcome outreach fatigue and social malaise to attract relationships that energize you.
  4. Merge your character growth and social growth with a personal guild that helps you advance.
  5. Build your social bandwidth and capacity to experience free-flowing social abundance.

So much of life’s abundance flows to us socially. Money… loving relationships… business opportunities… fun invitations… adventurous experiences… The more aligned your social circle is with the life you want to live, the more easily such invitations will flow to you.

If you aren’t already enjoying a nice flow of abundance in other areas of life, it’s probably because you have too much friction in your social circle. If that’s your situation, join us for Guild, and let’s work on correcting that together.

Here’s our group intention for Guild, which I invite you to hold with us:

In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all, I intend and invite a beautifully aligned, growth-oriented, and mutually appreciative social circle to flow into my life. I intend positive results and prosperous journeys for the other participants of this deep dive as well – past, present, and future.

Delivered Live on Zoom April 1-30, 2022

We’re delivering the entire Guild course live in April 2022. Every day from April 1 to April 30 at 9am Pacific time, I’ll host a live Zoom call for all Guild course members. These calls will include direct instruction, small group exercises, open sharing and discussion, a co-creative segment, and Q&A. You’ll have the option – but not the obligation – to immediately practice what we teach on the calls.

I encourage you to treat this as a special 30-day challenge to identify and fix alignment problems in your social life. Day by day for 30 days straight, you’ll invest in practical upgrades and improvements to make your social and relationship life better and better.

This is a one-time opportunity. We’re doing this in April 2022, and we’re starting in less than 48 hours, so it’s now or never. Where else will you get the chance to invest in such a purposeful experience?

All of the calls will be recorded, and you’ll get the recordings too. Each recording will be published the same day as the live call, so if you miss any live calls, you can easily use the recorded version to keep pace.

If you’d like to learn more about the course, see the Guild invitation page, which will give you all the details. I’d recommend watching the invitation video on that page to see if the course interests you. That should give you a good idea of what the course is about, along with extra details about the changes we’ll be working on together.

I hope you’ll join us for this one – it’s going to be a fun, immersive, and rewarding deep dive into the world of social skills, social alignment, trust, friendship, intimacy, and more.

Hugs! ❤️