Relax Into Being

A few nights ago, I did a 30-minute yoga session before dinner. While lying in Savasana (corpse pose) at the end of it, I reveled in a delightful sense of beingness. This was a good reminder to set aside doingness and to fully relax into just being now and then.

When you relax into being, you experience existence without any need for doing. Breathing in stillness feels effortless and automatic. In this state you can enjoy the feeling of connectedness to life without having to think about it. You can set aside all stress and worry. Sometimes it feels marvelous to be like a puddle on the floor without a care in the world.

Time seems to pause while in the state of beingness. Even though the seconds still pass by, you needn’t attach any meaning to the passage of time.

When I spend time being and then re-engage with doing, the doing feels lighter and easier. I bring some of that puddleness back with me, which makes me feel more relaxed and attentive. It’s easier to focus because my mind has been cleared, so it has plenty of capacity. I feel emotionally refreshed as well, so it’s easy to feel motivated.

How often do you just relax into being? Often enough to enjoy a nice balance with doing? Or has too much doing been wearing you down?

If you could use more beingness, try 20-30 minutes of yoga to relax your body, and then let yourself sink into Savasana for as long as you want. Enjoy the experience of being a puddle on the floor, and revel in how good that feels. When you’re ready to return to the world of doing, notice the lightness that comes with you.