Better Than Spirit Guides

I learned about spirit guides and how to communicate with them around 1994. For many years afterwards, I practiced this mode of gaining insight through various visualizations and meditations. I found it semi-useful, but I don’t use this interface much today anymore.

Are spirit guides real or not? There’s no way to know, and it actually doesn’t matter. Whether real or imagined, communicating with guides is an interface for connecting with reality or with parts of your own mind.

I don’t profess that guides are real or unreal. I accept that it’s impossible to know either way. I could be imagining all the communication in my mind. Or maybe I’m somehow opening a gateway for real interactions with other spiritual beings. The truth about this is unknowable because neither possibility is falsifiable. You can’t prove or disprove that spirit guides exist, so worrying about which is true is pointless, and there’s no need to make unprovable assumptions to use the method. It’s a tool, and a tool doesn’t care if you believe in it or not. It will work either way.

What mattered to me was whether this interface could generate useful insights that could lead to better results. Overall I’d say that it did, but it’s also easy to lean too much on this interface and spin yourself in circles. Perhaps you’ve seen some people lean on spiritual interfaces in such a way as to become irrational, especially by creating false hope regarding future opportunities. That’s a corruption of the interface, like expecting a hammer to go out and find nails for you.

These days I find a simpler interface much better. I talk or write to reality directly. I find the answers I get this way to be much clearer, more straightforward, and more practical. I think it’s because it removes the unnecessary complexity and filtering of expectations through a spirit guide interface.

So imagine doing something like a Conversations with God discussion, but get rid of the god, and call it Conversations with Reality. Then ask reality anything you want to know, interview style. Channel the answers with an open mind, and see what comes through.

Suppose this is happening entirely in your mind. If you bypass the spirit guide interface, your mind doesn’t have to waste processing power simulating guides. Your subconscious can focus on generating the best advice and insights it can. It doesn’t have to waste energy rendering a guide as part of the interface.

Or suppose reality is some kind of simulation, and it can simulate spiritual interfaces too. If you remove the spirit guide constraint, you free up reality’s processing power too. Now it can communicate straightaway its best insights and advice for you. You’re not placing any other burdens or expectations on it.

Without the spirit guide interface, you’re less distracted too. You don’t have to deal with considerations like whether you believe in guides, whether they’re real, whether your guides are any good, etc. So you can be fully present to considering what info comes through without so much baggage.

If you imagine going direct to reality, isn’t that the most powerful source of information? Reality can tell you anything it wants, and it doesn’t have to filter what it might know through the narrower channel of what a spirit guide might know.

If you want to probe for spiritual insights, consider stripping off all the constraints like gods, angels, spirit guides, animal guides, future selves, ascended masters, ancestors, magical gnomes, planetary alignments, etc. Just go straight to the metal.

I find this interface refreshing for its effectiveness. Every other API introduces limitations. Sometimes those limitations can produce interesting results, but these days I prefer straight-up answers with fewer spiritual sprinkles. It’s more efficient.

If your interface involves channeling advice that begins by calling you “Dear one,” how does that not make you want to vomit? Why not try out a less fluffy interface at least some of the time?

Occasionally I’ll still use the guide interface for variety, but mostly I use it for doling out assignments instead of asking for advice or insight. For instance, whenever I do a new online launch, I gather a bunch of guides together in one imagined space, and I invite them to find aligned people and direct them to the offer if the guides find good matches. I can’t tell if it works, but I am intrigued by the number of people who share odd synchronicities about finding out about these launches at just the right time for them. So that makes me wonder. Since it takes less than five minutes to do it, I figure it’s always worth a shot. I literally have a to-do item for this in my standard launch plan.

Then again, maybe I should try going straight to reality for these types of requests too. Perhaps I’ll try that next time.

If you use a psychic interface, consider how the interface may be limiting you, and be sure not to give your power away to it. See it as an interesting tool for coming up with fresh ideas and insights, but then test those ideas in the real world too. And if the ideas fail, you can always go back to reality and ask, What gives?

If you’re into psychic interfaces, there’s a whole lesson on this in the Submersion course (lesson 51), including an exercise to create your own psychic interface.

Reality, bring more aligned conscious explorers to the Submersion course page, and nudge them to enroll if the course would benefit them. 😉