Boost Your Happiness in 2 Minutes

A fellow Conscious Growth Club member connected me with the simple practice of doing an easy pose for two minutes as an effective mood booster. I’ve noticed that when I do this pose now and then, it really does make me feel noticeably happier.

The pose is very simple. Stand up straight and tall, pull your shoulders back, and rotate your arms so that your palms face forward.

Here’s a short video from a chiropractor showing how to do it:

This TED Talk video also shares more depth about the benefits of certain poses as well as which poses weaken you. I think it’s worth a watch.

Try the power pose from the first video for two minutes, and see how it affects you. It’s an easy thing to forget though – I remembered to do it this morning because I added it to my Daily Reminders list.

It’s easy to lose sight of the body-mind connection, and it’s wise to remember that how you use one affects your range of expression with the other.