Ask yourself, “What is the inspiration of this moment? What am I inspired to do now? What is the next wave of energy?”

Pause and listen for a moment, but not with your ears. Listen like a radio antenna listens for a radio signal. When you catch the edge of the signal, tune into its frequency. Let it become stronger, louder, clearer, just as you might manually tune an analog radio dial.

Recognize that you’re an analog being too. You don’t simply press a button and lock into inspiration immediately. You have to tune into the signal.

You may perceive multiple signals vying for your attention. Feel free to float the dial to listen to one for a bit, then another. Pick your favorite just as you’d pick a radio station. You may like several different stations, but it only makes sense to listen to one at a time. Setting your dial between two different stations would only give you static. You can always listen to different stations later.

As you begin to sense a stronger lock, let the signal’s energy flow through you. Let it create oscillations in your mind, your heart, your body. Let it infect you completely. Enjoy the feeling. Recognize how easy it is.

Then when you feel the energy is strong enough, let that signal animate you. Let it flow into easy, effortless, energized action.

Ride the inspiration like a surfer rides a wave. There’s no need to paddle. The wave will carry you all the way to the shore.

You may find yourself flowing into action for many hours at a stretch. Time will pass, but you’ll scarcely be aware of its passing. You’ll be too mesmerized by timelessness to notice the clock. Stay with the signal as long as you can, till your batteries run low and you must disconnect to recharge.

These signals are always broadcasting 24/7. Perhaps they come from the collective consciousness of humanity. Perhaps they come from somewhere else.

If you learn to tune into these signals and ride their waves of energy, you’ll never run out of inspiration. You’ll never be at a loss for what to do next. You’ll never suffer from writer’s block.

Unless you forget how to use your radio, that is.

But who forgets a thing like that? 🙂

This article was yet another of those transmissions. I was making breakfast when I heard the signal. I paused, let myself lock onto it, and allowed my body to translate its energy into words on a screen. But the words don’t matter. The words are not the signal, so don’t get too wrapped up in them. Let the words remind you of the energy that gave rise to them. Feel that energy, even if it seems to contradict the words.

Remember that you can tune into these signals whenever you desire inspiration and flow in your life. You are surrounded by constant transmissions of inspiration. They are flowing right through your body at all times, just like radio waves. Tune in and listen.

And now it’s time for me to go eat a cold breakfast. 😉