Be a Fun Broke Person

Eliminating limiting beliefs about abundance won’t help much if you still cling to limiting beliefs about being broke.

Could you be totally broke the rest of your life and still have a blast? If you can’t see that yet, you’re:

  1. blind to what really matters in life
  2. turning money into a power source
  3. being boring

Don’t expect the universe to lavish abundance on you for being blind, powerless, and boring.

Being broke is fun!

It’s an adventure.

It’s a challenge for your creativity — not to race past it, but to fully enjoy the experience of being broke.

You needn’t put your life on hold just because you’re broke.

You can still fall in love.

You can laugh.

You can exercise.

You can read the greatest books ever written.

You can write. You can compose music. You can create art. If you have no money for art supplies, make art with sand. If you have no money for musical instruments, sing.

You can couchsurf and explore new places.

You can have really great sex.

You can work on your social skills and make tons of new friends.

You can have really great sex. (I know, right!)

When I was broke, I used a cardboard box as a piece of furniture. Should I have felt down about that? Wouldn’t it be better to laugh at the silliness of it? Being broke is filled with silliness. Laugh at your late fees. A late fee is kind of ridiculous, isn’t it? You got charged $35 because you forgot to put a piece of paper in the mail by a certain date? Call the company and tell them to remove that silly fee. They usually will.

If you’re broke, so what? Stop making it into this terrible thing that you have to escape as quickly as possible. Stop stressing out about it. By global standards, if you’re reading this, you’re probably far from what many would consider truly destitute. You’re probably still among the wealthier half of the world. Many people on this planet would LOVE to upgrade to your version of brokeness, which they’d regard as unimaginable wealth. You have clean water to drink? You aren’t under daily threat of violence? Internet — what is that? You must be so rich!

See your life through their eyes. Realize that you’ve been pretending to be in a state of lack, when you already have such lavish abundance.

And stop being so boring. Being broke is no excuse for that. Put the fun back in your life. Pursue your passions, even while you’re broke, not because you’re trying to escape brokeness but because you realize you’re already more than rich enough. Stop wallowing in fear and self pity. Make your life ridiculously fun right now. Don’t put your dreams on hold just because you don’t have money. That’s stupid. And it’s really boring to watch!

Quit stressing yourself out about not having much money. Take some pride in being broke. There’s nothing wrong with it at all. Some people revel in it.

Focusing on abundance is great, but don’t envision an abundant future and neglect your present. See the abundance you already have. Squeeze all the juice out of today, right where you are.

Transform your relationship with here and now. Dwelling on there and then is less important.

These days I have more financial abundance flowing through my life. But what I treasure most was losing my fear of being broke. I learned to be rich when I didn’t have much. And so I don’t fear going broke again. It wouldn’t be a failure or a shameful thing. It would just be more fun and adventure.

Some people say, “I’ve been broke and I’ve been rich. Rich is better.”

Screw that! Rich isn’t better. It’s just different. You’re not really rich at all if you think that way. Squeeze the richness out of each moment. If you’re really rich, you’ll remain rich no matter how much money you have. So reinterpret that previous expression as being about mindset (broke vs. rich), not about resources.

Again, stop being a boring broke person. Why on earth would you expect people to lavish opportunities on you if you’re constantly being boring?

I love connecting with broke people, but not the boring ones… not the ones who drown in self pity… not the ones who constantly stress over what might go wrong next.

Let stuff go wrong, and laugh at it.

So you got a late fee. So you couldn’t afford your rent. So your car keeps breaking down. In the grand scheme of life, does any of that matter? Is it really something to fret over? Other people are working on how to send humans to Mars, and you’re stressing out about your rent? Seriously… get some perspective. You could be helping us invent more Star Trek stuff instead.

Be a fun broke person.

Laugh more, especially at your problems.


Get some exercise.


Hug people.

And definitely have more sex. Trust me on that one.