New Domination-Submission Workshop

Originally I had planned to hold off on doing any new workshops till the Fall, but I got inspired by an idea for a new one, and I know from experience that it’s important to take action when inspiration strikes. This idea also meshes nicely with the social expansion I’ve been enjoying lately.

I’d normally avoid doing another summer workshop since they tend to get low attendance. However, I felt that even if this one doesn’t get a ton of sign-ups, it would still be worth doing, and I can add it to my suite of existing workshops and perhaps run it again sometime in 2013 or 2014.

This is going to be a rather niche workshop, so I doubt it will appeal to the majority of my readers. However, for those who are interested in the subject, I think it will be a very fun and engaging experience.

The theme of this workshop is domination and submission. When I first thought about doing a workshop on this topic, I quickly dismissed the idea because I didn’t think many people would go for it, but later I began thinking it might actually be doable.

I wrote a few articles about D/s in 2010, and if you do a Google search on domination and submission, you’ll see that this site ranks highly on those terms (and on various related terms). Since I already receive a decent bit of traffic from people looking for D/s-related info, this should make it easier to promote such a workshop to the right people.

I also have a great deal of personal experience with D/s. I was first introduced to it 18 years ago. Since then I’ve read numerous books on the subject, attended a few playshops, and enjoyed D/s play with multiple partners. I’ve also been enjoying a D/s-style relationship for more than two years continuously. So I feel more than ready to conduct such a workshop.

For this workshop I might bring in some outside speakers to go deeper into subtopics where they have more experience than I do and to share some alternative perspectives. I’m still working out the details here, so I don’t want to mention who else may be speaking just yet. D/s is by its very nature a social experience, so I rather like the idea of making this a more social event with multiple presenters.

At this workshop we’ll cover both the D and s aspects of D/s. We’ll also cover what it means to be a switch (i.e. someone who enjoys playing either role). If you’re already in a D/s relationship now, I encourage you to attend with your partner, since we’ll be sharing some creative ways you can play together that you might not have considered before. This includes teaching you the alphabet command list, which is not commonly known in the D/s community because, well… I created it and I’ve only shared it with a handful of people so far. I think you’ll find it a lot of fun.

My main concern is the risk that only a few people would sign up for something like this. I’d like to get at least 20 people, and I think this is doable. I’ve done nine 3-day workshops so far, and I’ve never lost money on one, partly because I can promote them in my blog and newsletter for free. So I feel comfortable taking a chance this time. If only a few people sign up, it just means we’ll have a more intimate workshop.

If by chance this workshop is well received, I’ll likely offer it more than once, but I’ll probably do a round of the other workshops first before I get back to this one, so if I do it again, it probably won’t be till late 2013 or maybe 2014.

I know that some people may have issues with this particular topic, but if they don’t like it, they don’t have to attend. I’m following my inspiration and moving forward with it.

If you feel as I do that an immersive 3-day workshop on D/s play sounds like fun, then I encourage you to attend. The pricing for this workshop is the same as my previous workshops, so I think you’ll find it very reasonable. And as usual we’re having it on the Las Vegas Strip.

To learn more about this new workshop and to sign up for it, please see the Domination-Submission Workshop page.

Hope to see you there!

Update: Someone actually asked if it’s okay to attend with his sub on a leash. At first I laughed, but if that’s a serious question then it’s fine with me. Maybe I’ll have Rachelle wear her collar and leash too. We are having this workshop in Las Vegas after all. This sort of thing won’t be a problem in a place known as Sin City. There was a centerfold photo shoot next-door to one of our previous workshops, so I seriously doubt the hotel will have an issue with this. Dress however you like.