One Million Forum Posts

Today, most likely within minutes, our discussion forums will pass 1,000,000 messages posted.

Our forums were launched a little more than 5 years ago. They were instantly popular and remained so ever since, partly because my blog was already getting a lot of traffic that helped feed the forums. This made the initial launch challenging — I think we probably signed up and trained around 20 moderators before we even opened the doors.

The forum community has had its ups and downs and dramatic turns, but overall it’s held to its original vision very well: to create a positive and supportive environment where people could discuss their personal growth challenges, a place to get help and to help others.

I really have to credit the outstanding moderators who volunteered their time to help support this community. There’s no way this community would have worked so well without their caring dedication. They really do an amazing job! Most members don’t see what goes on behind the scenes, but the reality is that every week our moderators are taking action to maintain the spirit of the community as a place where people can discuss personal growth without interference.

Update: Congrats to forum member Reefs for posting our 1,000,000th message. 🙂