Consulting Services

As I mentioned in my 2011 Focus blog post, I’m going to be experimenting with different business models this year.

For my first significant step in that direction, I’ve decided to begin offering phone consultations for those who wish to directly enlist my expertise to solve problems, overcome challenges, or navigate transitions.

I’ve already been doing this kind of work for years, but until now it’s always been something I did for free on the side. Recently I decided to formalize and structure this one-on-one work and integrate it directly into my business. By turning this into an income-generating activity instead of a side hobby, I’ll have more resources to grow my business, especially when it comes to hiring staff. (I’ll share more about my staffing interests later.)

Since I have plenty to keep me busy in other areas, I’m only looking to work with a small number of clients. If the demand is higher than I anticipate, I’ll raise my rates until a reasonable equilibrium is achieved, so interested clients can get timely bookings. The current introductory pricing is as low as I expect to go.

I’ll keep this post short since the details can be found on my new consulting services page.

If you have general questions that aren’t already addressed on that page, please share them in the corresponding forum thread for this post.

I’m flying to New Orleans tomorrow for a leadership retreat, so I won’t likely be posting any new blog entries till I return next week. Hopefully the previous post on How to Achieve Stretch Goals (nearly 8000 words) will give you plenty of food for thought till then. 🙂