Expanding Abundance

One of the cool things about the abundance mindset (or the abundance vibe to be more accurate) is that you once you figure out how to lock into that state in one part of your life, you can use what you’ve learned to expand it to other parts of your life.

For example, suppose you’re already enjoying a great deal of social abundance. Maybe you have a lot of good friends, and you’re able to make new friends easily whenever you want. You always have people to hang out with whenever you want. In this part of your life, you’ve already achieved abundance.

And now suppose you’re struggling in the area of finances. Maybe you’re in debt, and paying your bills is a burden. Perhaps you have a hard time generating income consistently. Or you feel compelled to take on jobs you dislike to make enough money. In this part of your life, you’re still stuck with scarcity.

You can apply what you’ve learned in the abundant part of your life to rework the scarcity-driven part of your life and gradually raise it up to a level of abundance.

Abundance and scarcity are simply different patterns of relationships. You may have one type of relationship with your social life and another type of relationship with your finances. You may have one relationship with your work and another relationship with your health.

Your relationship lessons can be generalized and transplanted. Just as you can use lessons applied from one human relationship to help you improve another human relationship, you can also apply your internal relationship lessons across different areas of your life.

I recommend that you explore in writing (such as through journaling) how you think and feel about the most abundant part of your life. Where are you getting the best results? What’s your attitude toward that part of life? How do you feel about it? What kinds of actions do you take in that area? How do you relate to this part of your life? How are you managing this particular relationship, and how is it responding?

How do you deal with success in this area? How do you handle setbacks? How do you keep the flow going? Do you have help, or do you manage it alone? Are you active or passive? How did you create these results in this part of your life in the first place?

Then do the same for the part of your life where you’re experiencing scarcity. Ask and answer the same types of questions. Aim to get a clearer sense for how you’re managing each of these relationships.

Compare and contrast your answers. I’ll bet you probably notice some major differences between how you relate to different parts of your life.

Now consider how you can apply what’s working from your most positive internal relationships to your most negative ones. What can you do differently? What type of vibe is working best for you? How shall you approach the scarcity-driven parts of your life such that you can bring more abundance to them?

This approach has done wonders for me.

First I worked on financial abundance. Then I used those lessons to achieve time abundance. Next I achieved social abundance. And lately I’ve been exploring intimacy abundance.

The general high-level pattern is essentially the same each time. It starts with creating and holding the right vibe (as explained in detail in this video). Another step involves releasing fear and letting go of attachment to outcomes, putting myself in a place of knowing that I can have whatever I desire. Then I have to work through various blocks and limiting beliefs that are keeping me stuck at the old vibration. And finally, I need to courageously receive the new level of abundance, which invariably requires stepping outside my comfort zone.

For me this process usually plays out over a matter of months, maybe a couple of years max. The main limiting factors are how long it takes me to identify and release limiting beliefs and how long it takes me to summon the courage needed to leave my comfort zone behind and receive something new.

Another tip that can accelerate your progress significantly is to bring people into your social circle who are already enjoying abundance in the area of life in which you’d like to experience abundance too. So if you want more friends in your life, for example, start hanging out with the most socially abundant people you know. Their vibe will soon rub off on you, and you’ll slide into that new reality faster.

Try this for yourself, and be patient. Enjoy the journey of moving from scarcity to abundance, but don’t think you have to get there overnight.