Personal Development for Smart People Book Cracks Amazon Top 100

Personal Development for Smart PeopleWow! As of this moment, my new book Personal Development for Smart People has cracked the Amazon top 100 bestseller list! It currently has a sales rank of 94. It also sits at #13 in the self-help category, #4 in the personal transformation category, and #5 in the motivational category. The ranks are adjusted hourly, so these figures may be different by the time you read this, but the fact that it made the top 100 at all — just from pre-orders — is incredible.

What’s really amazing is that Personal Development for Smart People is still three months from release. The official release date is October 15, 2008. The book hasn’t even gone to the printer yet. And this is my very first book!

Personal Development for Smart People has been available for pre-order on Amazon for more than a month (since May I think). For most of that time the sales rank was in the hundreds of thousands (like 200K to 900K).

When I added some pre-ordering links for the book to on the weekend, the book broke the top 10,000. I think it got as high as 3,000-something on Monday.

When I wrote a blog post about the book on Tuesday (less than 48 hours ago), it broke the top 400 within about 16 hours after that.

Then when I sent out my newsletter yesterday, the sales rank pushed into the top 300… top 200… and finally the top 100 as of this morning. On the last update it went from #96 to #94, so it probably hasn’t peaked yet.

I’m immensely grateful to all of my readers who helped make this possible. After almost 4 years of blogging and 700+ articles — enough writing to fill about 20 books — it’s wonderful to see such community support pouring forth to help make this book a success… especially for a first-time author. I really poured my heart and soul into writing this book, and I know you’ll love reading it!

I’d really appreciate it if you’d help spread the word about this. Other bloggers should be made aware of the potential to leverage their blogs to become bestselling authors… practically overnight.