I recently added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to to address the most common questions I receive.

The FAQ is pretty basic right now — about a dozen questions answered — but it’s already saving me a lot of time. My email volume has dropped considerably (about 30-50%) since I added it.

In retrospect I should have done this a long time ago. The task of creating a FAQ sat lingering near the bottom of my to-do list for 2+ years and somehow never became a high enough priority to make it to the top. Eventually one evening I just decided to write out the answers to a few questions, fell into a good flow, and hammered out a first draft. The next day I refined it and uploaded it to the site. It felt good to finally get this item off my plate.

While I’m sure it sounds lame to have such a simple task stuck in limbo for so long, there are dozens of such tasks that all seem straightforward enough, but collectively they amount to hundreds of hours of work. There’s always one more optimization to be done.