For Love of Evil

I’d like to clarify a common question about polarity and love: How does a darkworker experience love?

How lightworkers experience love

Lightworkers express love outwardly through forms such as giving and service. Love is something that flows out of them and into the world. This definition of love is fairly consistent with the social norm. When you feel love, you want to express it, such as by saying “I love you” or by doing something nice for someone else.

As you experience this form of love more unconditionally, it infects your entire being, and you’ll feel the desire to center your life around some form of service. This may begin as a gentle nudge and gradually increase until it feels like a calling of sorts. As your awareness expands, you’ll feel drawn to expand your service as well. By this I mean that you’ll want to help more and more people, so instead of serving only your family and friends or your local community, you’ll start thinking about how you can help your country or the entire world. Unconditional love is all-inclusive, so the lightworker path is one of increasing service.

How darkworkers experience love

Darkworkers, on the other hand, would read the last two paragraphs and say, “Blech! Who cares about that lovey-dovey crap?” For a darkworker the outward expression of love feels phony and insincere. Such a person would say, “We only help other people because it helps us in some way.” A darkworker experiences love very differently than a lightworker. For a darkworker the only love that matters is love of self. Think of it as a heightened form of self-respect. Darkworkers express love inwardly by holding themselves in high esteem and committing to do whatever it takes to ensure their own happiness. A darkworker’s path involves learning to truly love and respect his own worth. As a darkworker’s love of self becomes increasingly unconditional, he conquers the fears that have been holding him back, such as the fear of being unworthy or powerless. He comes to the knowledge that he is the most valuable being in his entire reality, and he begins to act accordingly, putting his own needs and desires first. Darkworkers follow a path of increasing power.

Think of it like this…

Lightworker: “Thou art God. I love you. I honor your divinity.”

Darkworker: “I am God. I love me. I honor my divinity.”

Your love will flow where your attention goes. For a lightworker the attention is on loving others, which creates an outward flow of contribution and service. For a darkworker the attention is on loving himself, which creates an inward flow whereby action is taken to fulfill his own needs and desires. While the actions of lightworkers and darkworkers may be very similar, the true intention behind those actions reveals the person’s polarity.

Both paths ultimately lead to the same place — to God realization… to enlightenment. The lightworker primarily experiences the creative out-breath of God, while the darkworker resonates with the powerful in-breath of God. You say “ah.” I say “om.” 🙂

Although polarization is a path of duality, it leads to a place of nonduality. That’s one of the great paradoxes of being human… that we can experience nonduality by completely embracing (instead of resisting) our experience of duality. The big irony is that when you really devote yourself to a single polarity (light or dark) and experience it from the inside, you realize that you’ve actually chosen both paths simultaneously. But I would say this is next to impossible to fathom until you’ve actually made that kind of commitment, which is why most people remain stuck in a kind of dualistic limbo.

For love of evil

Some religious teachings embrace the lightworker path while shunning the darkworker path, which at the very least is incredibly misguided. That approach only lowers our awareness. Labeling parts of ourselves as bad or evil isn’t helpful. In every one of us, there is the potential for both polarities. What we label “evil” is merely a temporary condition while we’re growing through the experience of duality, and when we resist that phase, we merely prolong it. However, if we can commit to one of these paths and take it far enough, accepting even the seemingly negative experiences as they come, we eventually reach the other side where both paths converge. If you must label parts of yourself or others as evil, then your lesson is to learn to love and accept the evil. It’s all you anyway.

Trying to explain polarity to someone who may have never experienced it certainly isn’t an easy task. The problem is that whenever it gets reduced to words, we’re left with content, but polarity is about energy, which is independent of content. So no matter how many words I write on this topic, it can only serve as a pointer to the experience, but it can never adequately convey the real thing. I love a good challenge, but right now my stomach is screaming for some breakfast, so I’ll leave you with this food for thought while my thoughts turn to food. 😉

Thou art God.